Adrian Webster, Polar Bear Pirates, Motivational Speaker & Sales Consultant, Business Speaker, After Dinner Speaker, Riot copper, milkman and salesman were just a few of the entries on Adrian’s CV before he moved into the I.T industry and discovered an ability to motivate and inspire others. Today Adrian is probably the most entertaining and effective motivational speaker on the UK circuit. He specialises in delivering key messages on behalf of clients in a humorous and completely unique, down to earth style that audiences can easily relate to.

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Adrian Webster

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Riot copper, milkman and salesman were just a few of the entries on Adrian’s CV before he moved into the I.T industry and discovered an ability to motivate and inspire others.

Today Adrian is probably the most entertaining and effective motivational speaker on the UK circuit. He specialises in delivering key messages on behalf of clients in a humorous and completely unique, down to earth style that audiences can easily relate to.

His addictively inspirational presentations help people at all levels and from diverse backgrounds to make a very real difference in their workplace.

Drawing on his vast amount of practical experience as a motivator and team builder he brings to life a whole new world of fun motivational terminology and characters that everyone can instantly identify with, take away and put to good use - a world not a million miles away where TNTs rule and Neg Ferrets, BLOATERS and Sinkers reside…all of whom you will no doubt instantly recognise!

The son of a Yorkshire coal miner, Adrian started off his colourful career as a Police Officer in St Pauls, Bristol. He left shortly after the St Paul’s riots to go ‘back to school’ and ended up becoming President of Southampton Students Drama.

Fed up with being a poor student, he spent the next four years building up a dairy company by knocking on thousands of doors and persuading households and local shops to buy his milk. Having established the dairy business he worked as, amongst many other things, a radio presenter on local radio in Bristol.

To help ‘fund’ his career, Adrian started selling a wide range of products, ranging from frozen food to houses. He quickly discovered he could make some real money in sales and began to take selling seriously, the part time sales side soon took over as his full time career.

Areas of Expertise

In 1987 he moved into I.T sales and by 1989 he had established himself as one of the most successful sales professionals in the industry.

After two highly successful years as Corporate Sales Manager of US Robotics, he joined Northamber Plc an I.T Distributor as Group Sales and Training Manager responsible for recruiting, training, motivating and ‘driving’ 150 staff to achieve phenomenal success on shoestring budgets.

It was during this time, out of pure necessity to inspire and retain staff that the world of Polar Bear Pirates was born and Adrian discovered an ability to turn teams of everyday people with little or no ability into some of the most productive in the I.T industry.

Fuelled by a desire to try to gain a better understanding of what really makes exceptional people tick he set about researching some of the UK’s most successful people. These six years of research along with his real-life experiences, raw energy and sense of humour combine to create a thrilling roller coaster style that is completely original, hilariously funny and brilliantly effective.

Adrian is now a best selling business author with his first book ‘Polar Bear Pirates and their quest to reach Fat City’ being successfully sold worldwide.

Client Comments

Adrian Webster was highly recommended to us as a brilliant speaker. We were very unsure of using him because we’d never heard of him. We went ahead and used him…he was an absolute star.

Taylor Woodrow Plc

The brief for a “motivational speaker” was more than fulfilled as Adrian’s energy, humour and superb insight into the real world of sales had everybody mesmerised and entertained from the moment he walked onto the stage.
Life hasn’t been quite the same since as we all now aspire to permanently residing in Fat City and living as Polar Bear Pirates!

Lever Faberge

Adrian was absolutely fantastic last Friday at our Seminar. It's not easy to win the hearts and minds of a room full of people in the building industry. Many come having already decided they would rather be somewhere else, or that this sort of thing is for office staff only, etc., but Adrian won them over hook, line and sinker! …he talks in a language that everybody can relate to…Adrian is highly entertaining but much more, he has the ability to make you think.

St James Group

We have worked with many of the country’s leading keynote speakers over the years and they have all been good, but in many ways Adrian surpassed them all.

Bodylife UK Ltd

Adrian was fantastic! A style which I have never seen used so effectively. He had us in hoots but could change within minutes to deliver a very serious message with such feeling and power. Without a doubt the guy had everyone in the room hanging on every word for the full speech. Added to that, he was such enjoyable company.


Adrian was one of the best keynote speakers we have had in our 28 year history.

Car Care Plan

Adrian is the greatest on message deliverer that I’ve ever had the privilege to witness. Through twenty years of producing corporate live events I have never seen such an extraordinarily electric effect on an audience as I did during Adrian’s keynote speech. Adrian has taken the subject of motivation and stripped it of its clichés and psycho –babble and placed it in the tough world that people live and work in today. Aching ribs and tear stained note pads were the order of the day.

Allan Bignell – Conference Producer

He gave a superb performance, which exceeded all our expectations. In a matter of minutes Adrian managed to achieve the aim of our sales conference – to motivate and energise our managers into action.

Courts (UK) Ltd

Adrian exceeded our expectations. The overall consensus is that Adrian came across as a breath of fresh air and it was totally different to any other speech delivered to an IBM audience. I have never attended a meeting at IBM before where people have laughed so much. He definitely made a big impact at IBM and we would welcome him back tomorrow if we had the chance. The only complaints we have had are from people who were unable to see him in action.


The first day started with an excellent motivation speech from Adrian Webster. When it came time to thank him I was lost for words - a rare occasion I hear you mutter. He was simply brilliant.

Xplor UK

Adrian understood our requirements perfectly and delivered - the feedback received has been fantastic - Monday morning and we have a group of people fired up with enthusiasm.

HSBC Invoice Finance

Thank you for making our event so successful - we had some really good feedback, and our clients all went away with happy faces! Everyone found something to relate to in Adrian's talk whether from a work or home situation. Thanks once again for a great performance, I also wish I had half Adrian's energy!!

Business Link Wessex

Adrian is the most wonderfully original presenter/motivator/enter-trainer I have ever encountered.

Lorri Delahunty – Conference Producer

I would like to thank Adrian for such an entertaining and informative performance. Every evaluation survey returned has marked Adrian as Excellent… the best of any speaker we have had previously.

Manchester Chamber Business Enterprises

I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of motivational speakers over the years, but Adrian must be up there with the best. It’s rare for a speaker to be able to take you from ‘belly aching laughter’ to ‘shivers up the spine’ within such a short period of time. A rare skill.

Anglia Cooperative Society

Your talk last week was superb and absolutely hit the mark. You picked up on all the key points of the conference, you obviously listened to and read the briefing notes and all I can say is you were a superstar.

Compass Group

The feedback I have received has been excellent and it ranges from "fantastic" to "outstanding speaker" and "can he please be invited back again".

Hyde Group

Thank you for a hilarious and fun packed hour at our National Sales Meeting in Warwick. There were moments when I literally had tears streaming down my face. The feedback from the guys was "that was as good as it gets".

Thomas Sanderson

What really impressed me about Adrian’s presentation was that there were key messages that everyone could take away about how they as individuals could make a difference in their world, irrespective of where they were in our structure.

Nationwide Building Society

Adrian was excellent and it has been said that he is the best speaker we have ever had at a BAR conference.

British Association of Removers

The biggest compliment I can pay is that even ‘off – duty’ technicians were transfixed, which certainly doesn’t happen too often.

Simon Edwardes – Conference Producer

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