Alex Howard, Personal Development Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Psychotherapist, TV Presenter, Announcer, Show Host, Alex's mission and greatest passion is to help people to discover the life they are truly capable of living. In "The Secrets of Creating Dramatic and Lasting Change," Alex shares not only his remarkable story of dramatic transformation, but also the secrets of how he did it.

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Alex Howard

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At sixteen years old Alex Howard was diagnosed with a severe chronic illness that according to the world's experts is incurable.

After spending two years virtually bed bound and hardly able to walk, whilst simultaneously suffering from clinical depression and paralysing anxiety, Alex reached the ultimate choice: he was either going to kill himself or do whatever it took to create the life of his dreams.

Over the next five years, Alex dedicated virtually every minute he was awake to transforming his life, and in that time he not only cured himself of all his physical and mental health problems, he also earned a place at one of the top universities in Europe to study psychology, where he graduated amongst the top 1%, and was awarded "Best Student Award" by the British Psychological Society. Since graduating in the summer of 2002, Alex has published his autobiography "WHY ME My Journey from ME to Health and Happiness"

Areas of Expertise

He runs a personal development training company, and a successful therapy and coaching practise. In recent months Alex has been approached by a number of television production companies with regards to making a television series based around him and his work.

Alex's mission and greatest passion is to help people to discover the life they are truly capable of living. In "The Secrets of Creating Dramatic and Lasting Change," Alex shares not only his remarkable story of dramatic transformation, but also the secrets of how he did it. His talk is the result of the best information he has discovered in his years of intense exploration of human behaviour and change.

This exploration has included over five hundred books, several hundred audio programs, dozens of courses, and his first class degree in human psychology. Such youthful energy and passion, coupled with leading edge information and insight, are to be found nowhere else on the planet.

1. The Secrets of Creating Dramatic and Lasting Change
"The Secrets of Creating Dramatic and Lasting Change" is the synthesis of the best information on the planet for transforming whatever problems you or your company face. The talk includes the story of how Alex Howard cured himself of an apparently incurable illness, clinical depression and paralysing anxiety, as well as how he then went on to graduate amongst the top 1% of psychologists in the country, as well as being named "Best Student" by the British Psychological Society." Alex does not just teach this information; it is his life.

Participants will learn:
- What the difference is between those that are successful and those that are left wanting
- The four secrets to creating dramatic and lasting change
- How to take the knowledge they gain and begin to apply it immediately for instant results

2. How to Navigate Life's Difficult Times
It is never a question of whether us, or our organisation, will come across difficult times, it is how we deal with them that makes the difference. In "How to Navigate Life's Difficult Times" Alex teaches a synthesis of the best information from psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and life coaching.

Participants will learn:
- The true purpose of pain and difficult times
- How to respond to difficult times in a way which is not a quick fix, but that transforms them permanently
- The secrets of people who succeed not only on the outside world, but also on the inside

3. The Principles of Self-Coaching
With corporations recognising the importance of developing their most valuable asset, their workforce, the arena of life coaching has gained massive popularity and interest over recent years, However, traditional life coaching means that every single time a worker comes across a problem a third party has to be paid to help them work through it. In "The Principles of Self-Coaching" Alex teaches participants how to coach themselves, with the main philosophy being "Give a man a fish for a day and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Participants will learn:
- How to recognise when coaching is needed
- The ten most powerful and fundamental coaching questions
- The secrets of the world's most effective life coaches

4. What Really Matters:
How many people on their deathbed say, "You know, I really wish I spent more time stressing out and worrying about things" Yet, how many of us actually waste our life doing these very things" In "What Really Matters", Alex helps participants to reconnect with what in their lives is truly important. The foundational principle of this talk is that a workforce that is genuinely happy will be infinitely more motivated, and have a far lower staff-turnover and absenteeism levels.

Participants will learn:
- How to connect with what really matters to them
- How to integrate this into their working life
- How to access their real potential

Client Comments

Alex was fantastic...he had everyone engaged throughout (specially hard after lunch when usually you feel a little dozy!) Everyone really enjoyed his talk and we all found it very inspiring.

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