Andrew Risner, Empowerment, Mentoring Expert, Business Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Andrew has developed a reputation as a dynamic and intuitive speaker, business coach and trainer. Devoting himself to facilitating empowerment and motivation for companies and individuals.

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Andrew Risner

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Andrew has developed a reputation as a dynamic and intuitive speaker, business coach and trainer. Devoting himself to facilitating empowerment and motivation for companies and individuals. He is also a trained hypnotherapist and Licensed NLPT Trainer .The above was combined with a successful part-time stand up comedy career and membership of the exclusive Magic Circle.

Areas of Expertise

In 1998 he started his own company, producing esteem, motivational and communication programmes for business executives and their companies. Participants report on a new realisation of their untapped potential and emerge with an enhanced confidence in their relationships both inside and outside of work. The talks and training's are highly experiential thereby leaving a lasting impression long after the presentation has finished.
You may have seen him recently on BBC1's Heaven & Earth acting as their Stress guru.
Speaking Topics:
"Taking It to The Next Level - How Great Companies Keep Getting Better"
Customer focus
How to ask and get what you want
The secrets of asking the right questions
Going from Uncomfortable to Unstoppable
"Seven and a half steps to having your best year ever"
Creativity beyond the box
How to make yourself and your company more creative
De-Mystifying NLP for Dynamic Business
A jargon free introduction to this mysterious new communication tool
Success EngineeringT
Every year we service our car in order that we get the very best out of it. We maintain our homes in order that we may live in a nurturing environment. The most important piece of machinery we own never seems to get the attention it deserves namely ourselves. Success EngineeringT is all about the enhancement and fine tuning of our most precious resource, namely, ourselves.
An engineer does not manufacture a product nor is he responsible for it's smooth running. He is there to re-fine and sometimes modify an already highly productive machine or instrument. Organisations don't run on information, as they currently claim-they run on relationships ( as they always have ) Human motivation is the single most misunderstood concept in commercial organisations-executives behave as though it is an outside in Phenomenon, and rarely get that it is an inside-out energy driver.
Coaching and Mentoring:
There are five main benefits of coaching your staff:
You will notice a dramatic *increase* in the level of happiness and personal satisfaction you feel on a daily basis (no matter what's going on right now)
You will notice a dramatic *decrease* in the amount of fear or stress you feel in your daily life (no matter what "triggers" you right now)
When you have "ups" in your life, they will feel even better, and when you have "downs" in your life (which happens to all of us), you'll be surprised by how easily you can move through them and return to feeling balanced and at ease
The way you look at who you are, what you want, what you do, and how you do it will change in empowering ways you can't even imagine right now
Every aspect of your business will transform, while giving you an exhilarating feeling of power and control that you've never experienced before.

Client Comments

Thank you again for coming along to the recent Hertfordshire IoD monthly networking group to do you very good talk on "How to get what you want." I know I thanked you at the time, and it was very obvious from the loud clapping that you made a very good impression, but I wanted to let you know that I've also had very favourable feedback since the event.
The group always gives the speaker a fair hearing but they are also experience business people whose praise is not easily won. So, congratulations! The talk you gave was ideal for such a business audience. A number of commenters picked up on its relevance to customer sales and service. I'm sure it was equally relevant to other areas.
Carl French Hertfordshire IoD monthly Networking Group
Your talk was full of practical suggestions, which are easily achievable with practise. It certainly encouraged me to look at my business via a different angle _ Thank you. I wonder what would it take for you to return to South Yorkshire to further enlighten us with your thoughts
Larry Bignell Chairman LIA South Yorks & Lincs Region
"Andrew was able to make a tremendous impact with the senior management of our organisation as we struggled to come to terms with how we could lead a change in culture. By the end of our session we had turned this around into a terrific opportunity for our people to lead it together. Andrew's input provided the mix of inspiration and substance that enabled us to have belief in our own convictions".
Head of Business Development & Marketing - The Princes Trust -
"Thank you for the contribution you made at our Paris Conference. Your key note talk was most entertaining and ultimately valuable in assisting us to enhance the power of our team."
Herbert Smith Solicitors
Many thanks for your marvellous contribution to our Barnet Business Challenge 2000.Your excellent opening presentation set the tone for the day.
Education Business Partnership
Please fell free to mention to your future clients how happy we all were with the professional way you involved us in this important part of our lives.
Ian Hounslow ~ Sales Manager, North London Chamber of Commerce
Whilst having attended many training courses in the past, yours was undoubtedly the most successful and long lasting. I am now more open in my communication resulting in more effectiveness with staff and colleagues. My quality of personal and working life has greatly improved, resulting in a better quality of life as well as income.
Peter Levitt ~ Sales Director, Weybourne Financial Services
Just a quick word on how much we appreciated your efforts of yesterday, both as a key speaker, which I felt was great stuff, and as a facilitator.
Nortel Networks
"I didn't used to think I was creative, I now know I am."
B.Smythe ~ Enterprise IG
"I hope millions of people get to experience the opportunity for growth and deep down fun you provide."
Miggs Hubbard

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