Beverley Hamilton, Sales, Marketing, Communication, Business Trainer, Beverley is a member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and the Association for Coaching. She has been published in Training Journal, Sales and Marketing Professional, USP (Ultimate Sales Professional) and Salesforce Magazine

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Beverley Hamilton

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Beverley Hamilton has a varied professional background. She was a secondary school PE teacher before moving into sports development where she established a regional wide coaching programme for children and adults in a variety of sports. She then joined the Royal Air Force and spent 11 years as an Air Traffic Control Officer working both in the UK and overseas.

In 1997 she joined British Airways and for the next 6 years took roles in both the Cargo and Passenger business in roles including Production Control, Change Management, sales force development and learning and development consultant.

In 2003 she left to establish her own business she now runs which works with senior sales executives and their teams to increase personal and team effectiveness. She also works with business owners to create their vision, develop goals and implement actions that will deliver an effective business and a profitable future.

Areas of Expertise

Beverley gets to the core of the issue or opportunity that her clients face and through a challenging, creative and supportive approach enables change on a step by step basis that fits with the specific needs of each organisation, team and individual. She passionately believes that one size doesn’t fit all and as each individual’s motivation and strengths are unique, that each approach should consider that uniqueness. As a facilitator and coach Beverley is thought by her clients to enable clarity, focus, action which in turn leads to measurable results.

Particular areas of focus that Beverley will work on are
• Increased team communication – effectiveness and appropriateness
• Self organisation and personal effectiveness
• From Salesperson to Sales Leader – how to make the transition successfully
• Learning Pathways that promote business growth

Beverley is a member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and the Association for Coaching. She has been published in Training Journal, Sales and Marketing Professional, USP (Ultimate Sales Professional) and Salesforce Magazine

Client Comments

We are a new team in Surrey County Council, working with County Councillors to improve communications with local people, and provide services that matter to them. Beverley recently facilitated a team building event for us, to help us work more effectively together. Her clear and concise approach was very refreshing and helped us to see how we can make better use of our individual strengths and use our different personal ways of working to best effect. As a result of Beverley's, help we are functioning better together and know how to improve further.

Ann Osborn, Local Director Surrey County Council

The whole coaching experience more than met my expectations. Aside from achieving my goals, I learnt new and valuable things about myself and excellent tools to help me continue to manage my life. Bev is an excellent coach – enthusiastic, supportive, up for challenging and blessed with a great sense of humour.

Lizzie Clarke. Training Manager British Airways

Your facilitation skills added a great deal of value to the development of our selling guidelines. You managed some very difficult multi-cultural sessions extremely expertly and balanced the need to value the views of all with pushing the outcome in the right direction.

JB Sales Taskforce Manager oneworld alliance

Everyone remarked on how well the low-key approach worked. It felt like you were always in control without being intrusive and it felt like we were discovering things about ourselves naturally rather than being spoon fed obvious stuff that we already knew. Very effective, given the tight little group that we are!

JJ Community Support Team Surrey Council

Your logical thought process, in finding both simple and effective solutions, has been a huge bonus to both my team and myself. Your clear communication style has helped put things into context and has enabled the team to grasp and understand the bigger picture of our business.

SF Training Delivery Manager British Airways

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