Derek Williams, SOCAP, Business Speaker, National Wow Awards, Customer Service Speaker, Sales Consultant, Derek is in demand across the country. He delivers training programmes and seminars that are fast paced, lively and very inter-active. In fact, Derek is happy to speak in what most people regard as “the graveyard slot” – no one ever falls asleep when Derek is on stage. You see, Derek speaks from the heart with tremendous passion and energy. His messages are hard hitting and inspirational.

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Derek Williams

Fee band from £ 4000 - 7000

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The Best Customer Service Isn't Always American!
Derek is a leading international speaker and author on customer service.

In the last 8 years Derek has become recognised as the UK’s leading business gurus and an expert on Customer service.
His own firm has won 5 national awards for customer service and an award for Most Successful Business.
Derek is in demand across the country. He delivers training programmes and seminars that are fast paced, lively and very inter-active. In fact, Derek is happy to speak in what most people regard as “the graveyard slot” – no one ever falls asleep when Derek is on stage.
You see, Derek speaks from the heart with tremendous passion and energy. His messages are hard hitting and inspirational.
And it’s more than just the theory of service. Derek demonstrates in practical ways how to combine service, marketing and change management; translating service into increased profits.

Derek has worked as an advisor to the BBC Watchdog - Value for Money programme and presented a feature on customer service from London's Oxford Street. His book 3-Dimensional Care - the complete guide to winning business through customer service was released earlier this year and orders have been received from as far as California.

Derek's varied list of satisfied customers include KPMG, Barclays, Reuters, IBM Sequent, Interflora, HSBC, Lloyds, Jongleurs, The International Party Show, Business Link Hertfordshire and BBC Television. He is currently working with NHS advisors to develop service excellence projects for Primary Care Trusts.

Areas of Expertise

Derek has researched some of the world most successful customer service businesses. However, he is particularly keen to use UK examples in his presentations.

Over many years of researching other businesses and collecting great customer service ideas he has distilled all of this down into 10 simple building blocks. These building blocks provide a framework that any business can use to assess is customer service and to identify areas for improvement.

Derek regularly speaks at corporate events, trade shows, chief executive forums and trade associations. His messages are designed to inspire and motivate at all levels.

As well as working with many of the UK’s top businesses, Derek is the creator of The WOW! Awards – a unique awards scheme recognising the good things that happen in business. You can even nominate a business for an award.

Derek is also Chief Executive for the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals In Europe.

He is author of 3 Dimensional Care - the complete customer care workbook, Learning from Sport - inspirational sporting stories for business and for life, and co-author of 101 Ways to Make More Profits. His books and audio CDs have been sold around the world.

Derek writes a regular customer service newsletter that goes out to subscribers in 28 countries. These newsletters are not only used by people in business. They are also used by lecturers and trainers in customer service around the world.

Derek is a regular contributor to consumer issues on radio and television.

Client Comments

Dear Derek,

WOW! What a great speech you made on June 5th, to my Group 11! It was much more than a speech, it was a paradigm to greater profits and I am certain that our group will benefit from your words of wisdom, and that the bottom line of their organisations will reflect the improvements that you have motivated, in the area of customer service.

After I have organised my notes and met with my other directors, we will be putting into practise some of the points that you raised.

Thank you Derek, for a really great session!

Thanks once again, you really added great value to my group and to me.

My best regards,

Joe D Adams, Chairman – Academy for Chief Executives

With Derek's help we have increased turnover by 400% - Mark France, Practical Safety Solutions.

Guru!!!!! - Paul Dunn, Former Chairman and founder of Ran One

Fabulous, terrific, worthwhile, thank you - Jennifer Reefe, Business Club Manager, Watford Enterprise Agency

Your presentation has helped to create an understanding that we can deliver customer service with a difference - Tim Duffield, Area Business Manager, NatWest

What can I say! "WOW!" would seem appropriate - David Fisher, Local Business Manager, Barclays

As a lifetime cynic, I attempted to remain so, but the pull and attractions was too great - David Ward, Manager HSBC

I do not normally feel strongly enough as to put in writing a big "thank you" for the presentation I have attended. However, I thought that your presentation was so thought provoking that I wanted to express my thanks in writing - Richard Witney, Senior Corporate Credit Manager, Barclays.

Your presentation cost me about 2 hours sleep. I awoke at 4.00 am this morning and proceeded to jot down at least 10 ideas for potential improvement to our service. I was even carrying my notes around in the house in case I failed to add further thoughts that were occurring to me - Gary Bembridge, Corporate Manager's Assistant, Barclays.

Delegates described your presentations at our ProfitAbility seminars as "thought provoking", "idea generating" and "inspirational!" - Andy Stevenson, ProfitAbility Chairman, KPMG Reading

Last night's seminar was truly awesome. It was a genuine privilege to be in the audience. Steve Pipe, Chairman Added Value Network

I must say the place is buzzing! - Dave Greenall, Personal Banking Manager, Lloyds TSB

Do lots more of what you're currently doing which is absolutely fabulous - John Davy, Chairman, Jongleurs Comedy Clubs

'Derek inspired us to new depths of thinking on customer service and some great ideas emerged. All in all a memorable and valuable session that was also tremendous fun.' Claire Coday, Chief Executive, Business Link Kent Ltd.


I owe you an apology.

When we first discussed the idea of using outside consultants to help with the Best Practice project, I argued against the idea. I was convinced that we had the people and the skills to be able to do this ourselves.

I was wrong!

You have brought a level of professionalism, knowledge and energy to this project that we could never have achieved ourselves.

Without you and your Team, the project would never have been the success that it has been.

Thank you.” Roy Hinde, Quality Director – ATS Euromaster

Thanks Derek for such an inspiring morning. I can't remember the last time I attended a seminar that flew past so quick.

Karen Lord – ASB Law

Thanks for a great session at Yorkshire Water – the building blocks you covered chimed in very nicely with key Good to Great themes. I too received extremely positive feedback about your session, and as an audience they don’t hold back if they see an opportunity for improvement!

Thanks again – I’ll be looking for opportunities for us to work together again. Jon Kendall – Castleton Partners

Thank you for your commitment and professionalism - you added enormous value to our event through your vast experience and ability to link topics and themes together. Your ability to do this ensured a good flow of the presentations and content and pulled everything together nicely. The UK examples that you provided were of much relevance in the South African context and I know that delegates took away many ideas to implement in their own businesses. We certainly look forward to welcoming you back to South Africa. Laura Nel, Chairperson SOCAP South Africa.

Derek, a big Thank You. Your presentation and group activities continue to inspire me that customer focus and service excellence must be at the heart of everything we do. It is particularly fantastic that almost every member of our team have personally said that the day was a great success, and their enthusiasm and motivation are absolutely focussed on improving customer service.

Best regards,
John Purnell - Engineering Director, Cougar Automation

23rd August 2004.

Dear Derek

I am writing to thank you once again for the outstanding contribution you’ve made to the success of Business Link Wessex’s Customer Seminars and Events.

Your involvement in the Seminars and Workshops has resulted in outstanding attendance. We have had 1693 delegates to 14 seminars (an average of 120 to each) which I am pleased to say is our 2nd most successful series to date.

These are a few testimonials from our customer feedback forms:

‘One of those inspirational experiences that renews ones faith in the potential for business education’
‘I can’t wait to implement some of these ideas’
‘This has been a shot in the arm and a motivating reminder of why I went into business’
‘Useful, thought provoking and valuable client focused presentation’

I should also like to mention that the feedback from our Communications Day in May was also very positive. Our employees clearly found the session inspiring, your humour and use of anecdotes made the session the real highlight of the day.

Thank you once again for providing Business Link Wessex with the chance to WOW! our staff and customers.

Yours sincerely

Jacky Stevens
Chief Executive, Business Link Wessex

Dear Derek

Re: Contractor Conference, 29th September 2004

I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation at the above named event.

Delegate feedback from the event has been extremely positive with many indicating that your presentation was one of the most beneficial aspects of the conference. Below are some of the comments we received with regard to your input:

• “Thought provoking presentation by Derek Williams”
• “Derek Williams ‘WOW’ speaker excellent”
• “Derek Williams inspiring talk”
• “Derek Williams – an inspiration”

I hope you have the opportunity to return to Wales very soon.

Yours sincerely

Sioned Rees
Director of Enterprise Development
Welsh Development Agency

Message sent to Business Link Wessex following one of Derek’s half-day workshops:

Please tell Derek Williams I thought the lecture was AWESOME!

Many thanks

Tony Law, Kitchen Options

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