John Donnelly, Business Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Team-Building, Business Consultant, John is an inspirational presenter, author, mastermind, guru: these are some of the words used to describe the man who has spent many years scrutinising the very best leaders, managers, teams, sales and marketing people in the UK.

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John Donnelly

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John is an inspirational presenter, author, mastermind, guru: these are some of the words used to describe the man who has spent many years scrutinising the very best leaders, managers, teams, sales and marketing people in the UK.

'Intuitive Modelling' is the area of his work that John is most enthusiastic about. "At last we can start to identify the winning thinking strategies of the very best people and how they make great business and personal decisions." In the last four years John's Intuitive Modelling research has covered: -

. Leading & Building a Super Team, how to create the magic

Thirty five stunning bosses who got the right performance from the wrong people and.

How they developed their 'natural authority'

Ways to transform loyalty and motivation

Getting real commitment to vision and plans

. Big Little Leaders - stunning performance from leaders who were getting the right performance from the wrong staff, made great intuitive decisions and coped with an overwhelming task list.

. The Sales Wizards, why and how they always win.

Areas of Expertise

Whilst you're laughing - you're learning lots!

Don't learn with your own money. John has researched the very, very, best leaders, teams and sales folk .innovative and practical ideas presented in a way that blows your socks off!

Unlike many so called '"experts" John has a record of fixing broken environments. And he has the ability to ignite an audience into action whilst scoring very highly on the chuckle-o-meter.

John peered inside the heads of thirty of probably the best, unstoppable sales people in Europe.

How they get past the 'blockers and stoppers'

Which techniques gain Board Level Trust

What they do to displace even the toughest competition

NLP for the Boss .the martial art of communication skills

Powerful techniques that go way beyond conventional influencing, John unlocks a Pandora's box and the least you will get will be.

Rapport created first time, every time.

No more problem people .no matter how awful they are!

Why proven US management techniques don't travel

Whatever your knowledge of NLP John's innovative, fun approach will give you some great techniques that you can implement immediately on your return. Three Big Topics with the opportunity to practice, ask questions and have fun.

Unpicking the secrets of the great communicators. Shakespeare, great storytellers and the very best comedians intuitively make sure that they present in a way that always gets through! Understanding the different ways the brain stores memories is the secret, and will massively improve your ability to win hearts and minds. The one-on-one implications of Visual, Auditory & Kinaesthetic preferences. The skills to analyse, diagnose and then ruthlessly apply the lessons. Presenting & marketing the unstoppable implications. Fine tuning - what are the differences by culture and role?

Making sure that what you say is exactly what they hear. There are six 'filters' that fundamentally affect the way we interpret and then store information. Knowing what your preferences might be and especially how these differ from your colleagues, clients and stakeholders gives you the ability to effortlessly influence even the most difficult people! . Why the way you make a decision is different from 50% of the population. Why applying conventional positive management theory will fail on a high proportion of staff, and how to avoid this without compromise. Why US originated management techniques fail in many other cultures

Getting everybody's commitment and belief in your plans & vision. Probably John's most impressive application of an NLP technique .the ability to make plans more real, less risky and exceptionally persuasive.

Using the lessons from this research has powered his turnaround work with ailing teams, struggling management and poor performing sales teams. A vibrant, larger than life character, John is an extremely animated public speaker, an innovative thinker and a man who makes things happen. "It is not enough to inspire your audience, you have to create the 'Ah Ha Moments' to kick start the process of positive and lasting change" .no wonder he is in demand as a speaker.

Client Comments

Sales Wizards - through John, the very best in the real world of sales, share the secrets of their success - and what a difference that makes to your results"

Prof Tom Lambert - author High Income Consultancy & Power of Influence

Leading a Super Team ".easily the best and most practical ideas I have ever seen on transforming an ordinary team into something very special"

Jill Upton - IT Works

It is not enough to deliver good ideas and techniques from inside the heads of the very best .you need them presented in a way that is unstoppable! John creates more Ah Ha moments per session than anybody else I have ever seen .what energy!

Simon Winter - Dixons Group

His research and multi-media packages like 'Sales Wizards' and 'Leading a SuperTeam' gives success and a framework that, when followed, will bring guaranteed results. Brilliant just going back and stopping doing the wrong stuff will give us an immediate improvement

Linda Elleker - Hewlett Packard

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