John Fraser-Robinson, Customer Service Speaker, Management Speaker, Marketing Trainer, CRM Consultant, John is an international Marketing and Management Consultant and an acknowledged authority in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing, direct marketing, advertising and Customer-centred activity around the world.

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John Fraser-Robinson

Fee band from £ 4000 - 7000

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The Master of Customer Relationship Management

John is an international Marketing and Management Consultant and an acknowledged authority in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing, direct marketing, advertising and Customer-centred activity around the world.

As a speaker John has worked in most major countries in the world and is a regular in many from as far afield as Iceland to Australia and New Zealand.

His presentations range from motivational or inspirational conference keynote speeches at corporate or national conferences to strategic seminars and workshops for management. Clients for whom John has worked include many major corporations, national marketing associations and institutes and organisations such as the famous Million Dollar Round Table in the US. His basic courses on CRM, marketing (and direct marketing particularly) have had over 55,000 delegates internationally.

Areas of Expertise

As a consultant, John's favoured areas of operation are Customer-driven business strategy, building Customer loyalty, managing Customer relationships, and the strategic use of databases and direct marketing.

John is considered to be one of the world's leading-edge consultants and facilitators of integrated marketing and Customer Relationship Management.
John's many books, published in up to 11 different languages, include a variety of topics from direct marketing through to CRM and loyalty programmes to the future of sales, marketing and Customer service into the new millennium. John's first book on CRM was written in 1990. He is currently working on a series of 22 'Essential Secrets' books for management the first five of which are already available.

Based in the UK, John is an occasional faculty member of the International Business School at Bristol University, England and is a main board director of the Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa. He was elected one of the first honorary fellows of the British Institute of Direct Marketing in 1995.

Client Comments

"One of the few historic Guru's of marketing. This man is quite brilliant.

"David Hicks, Marketing Director, Subscription Services Ltd, Bristol, UK

"Recently we brought you Dr Edward de Bono, the father of lateral thinking. In marketing, John is a thinker of the same calibre."

William D'Ora, Quantum Dynamics Pty, Sydney, Australia

"I've just spent thirty years with an expert. It took a day and went like thirty minutes"

Monty Dare, Managing Director, Keys of Clacton Ltd, Essex, UK

"Truly one of the world's guru's of modern marketing practice"

David Anstee, The Targeted Approach, Paddington, NSW, Australia

"He so consistently predicts the future with such uncanny accuracy!"

Gerry Kitchen, Managing Director, BT Business Connections, UK

"As professional as it's possible to be. Informative, educational and witty. Our audiences love him."

Malcolm Whitmarsh, Organising Director, The London International Direct Marketing Fair, Reed Exhibitions UK.

"Loads of practical examples and John is a wonderful speaker"

Lisa Eyre, Surrey Fire & Rescue

"John, I hate you! I cannot attend a marketing conference any more without being disappointed - your conference was simply the best and others that I have been to since, even with other so-called 'famous' lecturers, were just boring."

Erla Rafnsdóttir, Managing Director, OrthoEurope Ltd, "PS I don't hate you really. I admire you a lot".

"Education, inspiration and motivation all at the same time"

Ruth Naylor-Smith (when Chair of the British DMA and Managing Director of Reed Mardev UK)

"I believe you will NEVER come across a speaker more interesting, exciting and inspiring than John. He is renowned as THE Guru..... deservedly"

Michael Herbert, Managing Director Wyvern Business Library, UK

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