Jonathan Messinger, Business Speaker, Business Strategist, Business Transformation Consultant, Jonathan Messinger has presented to over 5,000 people on Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Property, Daring to Dream. He has been featured in the Business Times, New Straits Times, Far East Economic Journal, CNBC Asia "Power Chiefs Live" special, and Channel News Asia.

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Jonathan Messinger

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In 1977, Jonathan began his career as a decorated nuclear engineer in the United States Navy submarine fleet. He was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy by the U.S. Secretary of the Navy where he graduated with a bachelor of science in engineering and subsequently pursued postgraduate work in nuclear physics and reactor kinetics, metallurgy and chemistry, as well as electrical engineering.

In 1985, Jonathan began his corporate journey in Exxon Corporation where he joined as a distribution manager. In ten years, he completed numerous operational line management positions in regional sales, national marketing, national wholesaling, national supply chain, national safety and global crisis management. As the national reengineering manager, he reduced operating expenses of USD 50 million in year one and $100 million in working capital. As a crisis leader, he successfully managed an 800- person team and a 120-unit fleet of ships and aircraft, cleaning over 1,000 miles of Alaskan shoreline after the Valdez oil spill.

In 1995, Jonathan joined Ernst & Young LLP (U.S) and managed the Asia Pacific energy, chemicals and utilities industry. In his first two and a half years he increased sales from USD 4 Million to USD 80 Million in Asia Pacific.

In 2000, Jonathan was appointed CEO of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (South-East Asia) where he was responsible for providing IT and management consulting services for strategy, IT applications, outsourcing, customer management, enterprise systems implementations, business process redesign, strategy development, merger integration, and shared services. He served as a key advisor for Innovation for the Singapore Prime Ministers Office and with several Singapore statutory boards and government ministries.

He has presented to over 5,000 people on Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Property, Daring to Dream. He has been featured in the Business Times, New Straits Times, Far East Economic Journal, CNBC Asia "Power Chiefs Live" special, and Channel News Asia.

Areas of Expertise

Jonathan creates, designs and produces educational solutions serving the needs of individuals and organizations. J.D was a successful chief executive and big five partner of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. Now, an entrepreneur and personal coach, he combines creativity and innovation with organizational and self-development expertise to help individuals and organizations succeed even in the most difficult circumstances.

With over 25 years of experience with organizations around the world, Jonathan has helped national and military leaders and corporate executives to define national programs, redefine visions, develop business strategies, and implement enterprise systems or organizational transformations worldwide. He has presented to over 5,000 people on Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Property, and Daring to Dream.

In his personal management experience he has frequently been labelled as the man who makes the impossible happen. He was featured in publications such as the Business Times, New Straits Times, Far East Economic Journal, STOPMZ, Streetsmart, IT Singapore and on national television on CNBC Asia "Power Chiefs Live " special and Channel News Asia as the IT person of the week. Jonathan .recently created, produced and hosted his own TV Show “BrainWave - the essence of invention®.

Experiences in making the impossible possible

• CEO, Entrepreneur - Essence Holdings Essence is one of the top 10 filers of new intellectual property creations in Singapore.

• CEO (South East Asia), Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Increased sales 40%, revenue 10%, increase profit 18% in 12 months for a business with annual turnover exceeding S$100 million.

• Vice President (Asia Pacific), Ernst & Young
Increased sales from USD 4 million to USD 80 million in two years

• National Safety Director (U.S.), Exxon Corporation
Reducing total recordable injuries (TRI) by over 50% nationwide in six months

Crisis Task Force Leader (Alaska) Exxon Corporation Cleaned over 1,000 miles of Alaskan shoreline in six months, while managing approx. USD $1billion in operating and capital expenses.

• Regional Marketing Director (U.S.), Exxon Corporation
For a turnover of USD 150million, improved ROCE from negative 17% to positive 15% in eighteen months

• Innovation. Led the development of the Singapore national innovation award criteria and process for the Prime Minister

• Shared services and outsourcing. Developed, redesigned and transitioned 17 Asian, African and Middle Eastern finance departments in six months

• Merger integration. Developed the global merger integration retail store vision for the world’s largest integrated petroleum company

• Retailing. Refined the business plans for enhancing 1030 new sites for the world’s largest discount retailer.

• Procurement. Identified $78 million in benefits in 12 weeks

• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Managed the first downstream oil global SAP and Oracle implementation.

Awards, accolades and commendations

• One of 37 distinguished graduates in class of 966 from the US Naval Academy

• A member of Who’s Who in America and a nationally ranked member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association

• Navy Achievement Medal for Services to the United States

• Community Service Award from the Mayor of San Ramon, California and the Chairman of the United Way of San Francisco

• Special Services medal from President of Exxon USA

• IT person of the week, Channel News Asia

• Singapore Economic Development Board for the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) ‘First Innovation Award Program’

• Highest producing sales partner in Ernst & Young Asia Pacific

• Designated as one of 25 E&Y global retail industry subject matter experts

• Recipient of the Shell Oil Company Presidents Award for supply chain transformation

Speaking Experience

1 How do you put a value on that Keynote Speaker
Audience 250 Entrepreneurs, networking night

2 Why Insurgents Innovate
Keynote Speaker
Audience Top 500 Officers of the Singapore Ministry of Defence

3 Adaptive Eco-Systems
Keynote Speaker
Audience Chairman & Board of Directors, Singapore Economic Development Board

4. Blurring of Boundaries and Digital Divide Keynote Speaker
Audience 250 Executives in the Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor

5 Adaptive Enterprises
Audience Over 1,200 Guests - Sun Solution Fair, Beijing; Macronix, Taiwan; General Electric,
Beijing; Motorola, Beijing; Hewlett Packard, Hong Kong; Maybank, Kuala Lumpur

6 Liftoff! Total Organisational Transformation Keynote Speaker
Audience Top 90 Executive of Maybank

7 How do you Innovate? Keynote Speaker
Audience 200 managing directors and executives

8 What is Innovation? Co-Chairman
Audience 1,500 guests - Top members of Singapore’s Public Service sectors

9 Blur - Surviving in a Knowledge Based Economy
Keynote speaker, sponsor Audience Ministry of Manpower & Civil Service College, Top 150 Executives

10 Future State 2010, Oil Industry perspectives Keynote speaker, Event sponsor
Audience 450 Guests, Business Week and ASEAN Forum.

Client Comments

“I have to shake your hand. You spoke to us two years ago and the changes you led us to effect are still generating results today.”

U.S. Marketing Vice President

“I experienced a change in mindset,”

Naval Base Commander

“When Jon spoke to 400 of us, it was like he was talking to 4. He touched and inspired everyone! I didn’t want it to end.”

Australian Managing Director

“Thanks to your leadership and inspiring, insightful comments, our national innovation program has been a huge success.”

Managing Director of the Economic Development Board

“Jon stretched our thinking from point three to point nine and in challenging our thoughts moved us three steps father than we ever dreamed possible.”

Global Customer Service Manager

“Jonathan is a genius! I’ve never met anyone with as much creativity, energy, and shear determination to making dreams come true in my life!”

Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Office

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