Miles Hilton-Barber, Motivational Speaker, After Dinner Speaker, Polar Explorer, Adventurer, Miles has been blind for about twenty years but has not let that stop him from challenging barriers, seeking adventure and succeeding on expeditions to deserts, mountains and the polar regions. He is an exceptional storyteller and corporate motivational speaker whose messages of "never give up", "expect the unexpected" and "think big to achieve big" come wrapped in a package of humour and profound personal insight.

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Miles Hilton-Barber

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Miles has been blind for about twenty years but has not let that stop him from challenging barriers, seeking adventure and succeeding on expeditions to deserts, mountains and the polar regions.

He is an exceptional storyteller and corporate motivational speaker whose messages of "never give up", "expect the unexpected" and "think big to achieve big" come wrapped in a package of humour and profound personal insight.

He uses his experiences as an international adventurer to motivate and inspire others to achieve their potential. His words are not hollow generalisations - he offers practical ideas that work for everyone.

Miles' managerial background compliments his skills as a speaker, enabling him to tailor his talks to your particular business and personnel.

Areas of Expertise

His presentations are entertaining, motivating and inspirational, sharing with his audiences the things he would want to hear if their roles were reversed. "I want them [the audience] to feel they are looking inside the hearts and minds of the people who worked together as a team, took risks, extended the envelope, and made an impossible dream a reality," he says.

Whether Miles is giving a keynote corporate presentation or an after dinner speech, his humour, timing and use of material is exceptional. He mixes in laughter, telling stories from his own rich experiences as a blind person covering such life-lesson themes as;

• Dream big to achieve big
• Expect the Unexpected
• Never Give Up
• The Importance of Teamwork
• Don't let your Past Determine Your Future
• Facing your fears
• Taking advantage of adversity
• Benefiting from failure
He has shared the speaking platform with such individuals as Rudi Giuliani, New York Mayor on 9/11, Olympic Medallist Roger Black, Jeremy Paxman, Melvin Bragg, and Lord David Puttnam addressing corporate and celebrity audiences around the world.

Despite being blind for over 25 years, Miles has still lived his dreams, encouraging us to realise that "The only limits in our lives are those we accept ourselves."
His remarkable adventures in recent years, setting numerous world records in the process, include:

• Attempting to be the first blind person to reach the South Pole, in the process man-hauling a sledge over 250 miles across Antarctica
• Completing "The Toughest Foot-race on earth" - 150 miles across the Sahara Desert in the Marathon des Sables
• Climbing to 17,500 feet in the Himalayas
• Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt. Blanc- Africa's/Europe's highest mountains
• Running the 11-day Ultra-Marathon race across China from Gobi Desert to Great Wall
• Completing the "Coldest Marathon on Earth"- the Siberian Ice Marathon
• Crossing entire Qatar Desert non-stop day/night in 78 hours without sleep
• Circumnavigating 38,000 miles around world using 80 forms of transport
• Setting Malaysian Grand Prix lap record for blind driver in 200kph Lotus
• Setting new British high-altitude record for a tandem microlight
• Completing more than 40 skydiving jumps to date

He is currently preparing to undertake a 35-day, 12,500 microlight flight more than half way around the world, from London to Sydney, Australia, with Storm Smith, relying on speech-output on his instruments for navigation.

Client Comments

“Hearing Miles speak is truly inspirational. He is living proof of the old adage ‘there’s no such word as can’t’. This amazing man is an unparalleled force for motivation and I have every possible respect for his talents as a speaker as well as his incredible personal courage.”

Lord David Puttnam
Enigma Productions

"I can't even imagine the difficulties of travelling in polar regions without being able to see things. I once was semi-blind in the Arctic and everything became doubly problematic. Total blindness would have been nightmarish. My admiration for Miles is enormous…”

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

"Miles Hilton Barber recently spoke at our HR Conference. For many in the room, this was not their first experience of listening to an 'inspirational speaker', but it was by some margin the most impactful. Miles' achievements are so amazing that the first reaction of his audience
is one of incredulity. By the end of his talk, however, he convinces all but the most hardened sceptic that the greatest barrier to achievement in life is attitude, and that attitude can be changed at the drop of a hat. Miles has a natural humility that quickly engages his audience. He is passionate in his goal that by sharing his experiences he can impact people's lives, and hence turn his disability into an overriding positive. Enthusiasm marks Miles's presentational style, but he also has a great sense of humour and a sparky irreverence that makes him as entertaining as he is compelling. I could not recommend him more highly"

Denise Collis
Partner, Human Resources, Ernst & Young LLP

“Miles gave a 30 minute speech to our capacity audience of 1500 of Yorkshire’s key business people. Our headliner was ex. Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani who was outstanding - but frankly did not outshine Miles. Miles has an amazing story to tell of meeting the challenges of going blind and seizing opportunities and embarking on adventures which would make a hero out of a fully sighted athlete! He engages his audience in a way that makes attendees feel that the message is addressed to each one personally. Our convention brings World Class speakers to a World Class Event - Miles is World Class! Our aim is to educate, entertain and inspire - Miles does all three!

If your organisation needs an inspirational speaker - book him!”

Mike Firth
Chairman, Yorkshire International Businessmen’s Convention

“If you have never had the privilege of hearing Miles Hilton-Barber speak then you are in for a rare treat. Miles exudes confidence, electrifying his audience with his escapades, whilst challenging them to attain new heights of excellence and all with a humility and sincerity that compels his audience to beg for more. His courage, self-motivation and humour make him an absolute delight and I for one could listen to him over and over again. A truly motivational experience not to be missed."

Gary J Prior
Vice-President Europe General Manager UK & Nordic Philips Domestic appliances & Personal Care

'We have worked with Miles on a number of events - the team find his vision, ambition and desire to push out the barriers, truly inspirational - it is rare in feedback for any speaker to score so highly and to have such an impact on any event '

Steve Pateman
Director, Corporate Banking Royal Bank of Scotland

“Miles Hilton-Barber offers a truly inspirational insight into his amazing adventures. He demonstrates, in his presentation, the energy that has driven him to achieve so much. In listening to Miles you are forced to consider the limits you have set on yourself, and to search your mind and soul as to what you could potentially achieve.”

Brian J Robinson
Manager Strategic Sourcing – Global Rolls-Royce Corporation

“I found your talk absolutely gripping, humbling & inspirational.”

Tom Wedge
Business Development Director - Ciba Vision (UK) Ltd

"We don't normally attend the plenary sessions, but to miss out on Miles Hilton-Barber's talk would have been a disaster. It was one of the most inspirational, hilariously funny, and seriously motivating speeches I have heard. If I had been attending a religious meeting I would have left as a convert..."

Heather Westgate
Managing Director, TDA Advertising Agency

“Brilliant! Highly entertaining, informative and motivating. A great example of courage, determination and will power!"

Andrew G. Presland
GlaxoSmithKline “Balancing Act”

“It was a privilege to hear you speak at the ICFM Conference. You so inspired me by your words, your achievements, your example, your positiveness, your ‘you’ that I returned to my desk reinvigorated and reassured that I can make a difference and can achieve what I might have previously thought of as 'impossible'. Thank you.”

Andrew Reid
Head of Community Fundraising, British Heart Foundation

“Miles Hilton-Barber is a true inspiration to us all. His drive and willingness to succeed is unparalleled. I would highly encourage anyone to listen to Miles if given the opportunity - his message can change your life. You must dream big, to achieve big - Miles has done it.

Bart Foster
CIBA Vision, North America

"A truly engaging and inspirational speaker. An unassuming and pacy style, combined with a good use of humour, anecdotes of his escapades and personal observations on overcoming obstacles in one's life certainly ensured that Miles' 'rise up and conquer challenges' message was well received by our employees."

Paul Neville
HR Manager, Aspective Ltd

"As Co-Chair of the RNIB Annual Savoy Gala Dinner I arranged for Miles Hilton-Barber to address our dinner. His brilliantly delivered speech, which so obviously came from the heart, touched everyone in the room and lead directly to the financial success of the auction and donations pledged on the night."

D. F. Smurfit
Jefferson Smurfit Group plc

“The course was particularly successful and that was due to the quality of both the speakers and the participants. Your contribution was one of the high spots, and, as one participant rightly observed, it was the one that will live longest in the memory.”

Tim Hornblow
Head of Management Development Programmes Rolls-Royce PLC

"Miles’ attempt to be the first blind person to walk to the South Pole is an extreme act of courage, and I have nothing but awesome admiration for his bravery and determination.”

Michael Palin

“I met Miles whilst running in the 1999 Marathon Des Sables. 150 miles across the Sahara Desert was hard enough when blessed with eyesight. For a blind person the challenge seemed staggering. Miles' courage and quiet determination in completing the Marathon Des Sables served to highlight that the only limitations we truly face are those we place upon ourselves. On returning to my job as an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, I invited Miles to talk to my officer cadets about his experiences. His talk was pitched perfectly and struck a real chord with his young audience. His ability to overcome adversity and sheer tenacity will leave a lasting impression with anyone that meets him”.

Major Jay Turner
Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst

"Miles does what he does to inspire others. If he can take on the walk to the South Pole, then a grandmother who is losing her sight might just feel able to take on the walk to the local Post Office. I've never met anyone whose courage is being used to such great effect"

Steve Hood
ArrowsF1Team - Head of Marketing

“Having spent many years in darkness during my incarceration in the Middle East, I have some small understanding of what it is to experience sight loss. It is therefore with great admiration that I give my support to Miles. He brings encouragement not only to the visually-impaired, but to thousands of others throughout the world.”

Terry Waite CBE

"Miles is an engaging speaker who gripped my imagination by the lapels, made me examine my own life and left me feeling totally motivated."

Gordon Diffey MBE
CEO Royal Leicestershire, Rutland and Wycliffe Society for the Blind

"Miles is a true inspiration, a talented and confident speaker who absorbs his listeners' undivided attention. We have all been motivated and inspired to look upwards to the summit and the future, both as individuals and as a group. I highly recommend the experience."

Umesh Umatt
Managing Director, Brook Hotels Group

“Amazing! Miles’ approach to life is inspirational and humbling. His speech to our staff on his own adventures was hugely motivational and peppered with humorous anecdotes. A well deserved standing ovation!”

Mike Rake
U.K. Senior Partner, KPMG

“…one of the most amazing guest speakers I have ever heard.”

OK Magazine January 2002

“I was informed, impressed and enlightened by your talk… and know that others were equally moved.”

Rory O'Connor
Director of Medical Affairs, Europe Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group

"Miles has achieved more in his lifetime than a dozen others put together. His courage and sheer determination to succeed are inspirational. Any business striving for success should hear his message."

Ray Bradbury
Qatar British Business Forum BAE SYSTEMS

“Miles is extraordinary. I have travelled all over the world and been through physical hardship with many companions but working beside him was remarkable. In crossing the 200-km stony Qatar Desert without support he never really flagged and he only fell twice - less often than I did! Frankly, his blindness was my eye opener and he gives a great talk.”

Dr Mike Stroud OBE
World record holder for 1,350 mile/97 day unsupported Antarctic crossing with Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“Miles is very professional, open, human and inspires confidence. It is his honesty that is so disarming. He inspires you to acknowledge your own failure and yet have another go and to think big! He is one of the world's best kept secrets that we have had the privilege to work with.”

Sian and Keith Posner
Partners - Positive Perspective

“Thank you for the inspiration, the grit and determination, the energy and understanding that you bring from your special 'view' of motivation. You certainly set my team on fire with a buzz the next morning that I have not heard here before.”

Kate Lloyd
Medical Director, Pfizer UK

“Miles is a truly amazing man whose zest for life is infectious. Those attending our Annual Conference will remember Miles even if they remember nothing else. They were quoting parts of his address on facing change issues for days afterwards.”

Bob Drake
Chief Executive, Uniservice Ltd.

"Miles is a truly inspirational speaker - we all left the room thinking of new possibilities in our lives."

Josephine McCabe
HR Manager, BP LPG Europe

“I can’t thank you enough for opening the 13th National Fundraisers’ Convention for us, with your motivational, stirring and amusing plenary session. The delegates were certainly buzzing throughout the rest of the day and evening and you brought the Convention alive! I lose count of how many delegates have requested a copy of the speech, a tape or a handout!”

Rachel Wawn
Convention Director, Institute of Fundraising

"Miles is simply inspirational. If ever one needed to be reminded that determination and will power can overcome even the most impossible obstacle, Miles will give living proof in a light-hearted and humorous manner, whilst describing his challenges in breathtaking detail. My organisation works for the inclusion of young disabled people; through relating his adventures, Miles has helped us to get the message across that "nothing is impossible", and create hope for otherwise marginalised people in our society."

Rainer Pagel
Director Phab N. Ireland

"Miles has a wonderfully inspiring attitude to life. His simple 'life rules' make living a more rewarding experience, and help you to focus on the important things in life that can make a real difference."

David Thompson
Service Business Manager – Operations, Rolls-Royce PLC

“I usually find it difficult to assess the impact that motivational speakers have on an audience, how much they actually take away with them and feel they can transplant into their everyday lives. This wasn't the case this time. Everyone, and I mean everyone, I talked to after the speech was lifted, inspired, motivated but most of all awe-struck at what you have achieved.”

Andrew Ferguson
Senior National Account Manager Ciba Vision (UK) Ltd

"We have organised many conferences over the years and our delegates have heard from numerous motivational speakers. Miles' presentation, however, has been more talked about than any other. Put simply he took away everyone's excuses and inspired them to fulfil their potential. Brilliant!!"

Jerry Scriven
Director, International Business Systems

"After listening to Miles share his experiences and his philosophy on life, I was inspired and couldn't resist the idea of him challenging my colleagues at our own management conference. He really does make you stop, think dangerous dreams and inspires you to make a difference in work and home life."

Bob Taylor
Managing Director, Distribution Powergen UK

"Miles’ dedication and his utter determination to succeed are frankly amazing."

Martin Mosely
Consumer & Community Affairs Director, Barclays plc

“Miles' philosophy is very simple: dream big to achieve big. He is an amazing, energetic man who took us on a breath taking, whirlwind trip of amazing adventures, leaving us determined to examine our own lives and dream bigger dreams. The presentation was pitched perfectly. We could not have found a better speaker…”

Philip Williamson
Chief Executive, Nationwide Building Society

“Miles is a star that shines so brightly, that I’d run after him, puffing madly, to the ends of the earth! This is a FABULOUS bloke (despite being certifiably insane-China! I mean, Rutland I could understand). Anyway, he’s the Top Man-the best. Run, boy, run! Kiss kiss

Joanna Lumley

“We wanted a truly exceptional motivational speaker - we got Miles Hilton-Barber - Job done!!!”

Bill Croney
Franchise Recruitment Manager Durham Pine Ltd

“Listening to Miles Hilton-Barber speak about his achievements is truly inspirational, humbling & emotional. His style his punchy, funny, but importantly 'from the heart’. If you ever have a chance to listen to him, do not miss it. You WILL be inspired by this man and his attitude to life.”

Steve Cuviello
Senior Sales Consultant Norwich Union

"A motivational, inspiring, humbling experience that was thought provoking, powerful and very useful and appropriate to the day"

Jane Francis
Employee Communications Manager Fujitsu Services

"Miles Hilton-Barber is a true inspiration. His attitude to life, to "dreaming big" and in being prepared to challenge perceived limits has lessons for us all. His blindness, rather than being a restraint, has opened up an entire new world for Miles, where there are no limits. His enthusiasm and love of life is infectious; make sure you catch it!”

Steve King
Director, Commercial Banking Royal Bank of Scotland

“I loved the way you put the messages across-the mixture of humour, simple but all too often forgotten truths and sincerity was fantastic. I think everyone took an awful lot from the session and will be able to apply it to both their personal and business lives. A very positive and inspirational talk for which I thank you both personally and on behalf of the team.”

Gerald Jennings
Regional Director Land Securities

"Inspiration can spring from many sources but few as extraordinary or as powerful as Miles Hilton-Barber a blind, fully paid up, member of the RFA club (Ready For Anything club) "

Nayyer Hussain
Co-Founder McGeoch Technology Ltd

“It was truly humbling and inspirational to hear you speak. You really were a hit with the large number of delegates I have talked to and have left us all with a huge high, totally in awe of your achievements plus your incredible attitude to challenges others would not even consider.”

Steve Condon
Orange Technical Manager

“It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to meet you - you really are an inspiration for all of us and have a great capability to touch people's lives in a very profound way. We were extremely lucky to have you with us and your story really helped us to set the context for people to 'dream big'.”

Sara Abel
The Royal Bank of Scotland plc

“Everyone at the Orange event really enjoyed your motivational presentation. The passion and energy you put into your presentation really comes to life when related to your wonderful life experiences. You have so many great stories to share that really demonstrate people can achieve whatever they set their mind to. It was truly inspirational and motivational.
Thank you

Roger Nichols
Head of Area Operations, Orange PLC.

"Miles says ‘Life is too short to drink bad wine’. In my experience he is Champagne for the ears as well as the soul. Listening to him is a journey through laughter to profound reflection and ultimately to a place when you too can become a 'dangerous dreamer' "

Caroline Waters
Director People Networks, BT Group

"I found Miles presentation to be outstanding... his message clear, profound and yet based on the simple things to consider in life. His delivery was great, with passion, good articulation and, more important - inspiring – he left everyone feeling that they can do more to accomplish their professional and personal goals.”

Jose C Brousset
General Construction, Rental & Used Manager Europe, Africa & Middle East Caterpillar CSARL

“Inspirational – Miles has made me see my life and work through different eyes and raised the critical importance of optimism and self-motivation as a core value for effecting positive change”

Dominic Judge
National College for School Leadership

"Miles presented the most fantastic and inspiring story to our staff. The way in which he delivered his incredible experiences and stories was truly inspirational and everyone that attended took a great deal from it. Without doubt Miles talk will improve attitudes not only in the
work place but in ones personal life as well. I couldn't recommend Miles more highly."

Bradley Wells
Director, Sauflon Pharmaceuticals Ltd

”A tremendous thankyou for what you did for the New Heads Conference yesterday. Your session was stunning, in its content, delivery, pace and sheer inspiration. Over 500 new headteachers left London with your motivation ringing inside them..”

Peter Berry
Director of Marketing and Communications National College for School Leadership

"A truly inspirational presentation that promoted the "can do" approach we wish to foster within Lombard Corporate Division and the wider RBS group."

Dick Turpin
Lombard North Central PLC. A member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group

"Miles Hilton-Barber: a most remarkable man, once met, never forgotten!
For a time, Miles' life was constrained by blindness until he grasped the reality of what he could achieve and what he could become, regardless of apparent hindrances.

Miles' testimony of outstanding and remarkable achievements encourages, inspires and motivates us all to reach beyond the parameters we set for ourselves. Be warned - this man of integrity and courage could have a dramatic and long-lasting effect upon your personal and business life".

James Tully
Supply Chain Senior Manager (UK) Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL)

"We had the privilege of hearing Miles speak at our 2004 Conference. The
energy in his delivery, his remarkable achievements, the injection of humour
and his outlook on life were truly inspirational as we each seek to achieve
our true potential."

Jan Babiak
Managing Partner, Information Systems Assurance & Advisory Service
Ernst & Young LLP

"We extend our grateful thanks to you for such a moving presentation at LACA'S national conference in Birmingham. We have had speakers at our Conferences who have been motivational and inspirational, but never before have we had a speaker who has been so
emotionally uplifting. You took us to a new place, almost a spiritual level. Your enthusiasm, passion and sheer determination not to allow any obstacle to inhibit your goal to achieve was overwhelmingly impressive and the most amazing example for all of us. You have the technique to reach the inner soul and communicate with everyone on an intensely personal level. Thank you again for a grand finale presentation with a unique difference.
It was a privilege to hear you speak."

Sandra Russell
Chair, LACA's Conference Committee

"I thought it was the best motivational address that I'd heard for years and you really tried to understand our business and contributed insights throughout rather than just delivering a boiler plate speech. I came back really focused and have been raving about it to my colleagues and our teams ever since."

Vijay C Thakrar
Ernst & Young LLP

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