Monty Halls, After Dinner Speaker, Superhuman challenger, TV Presenter, Explorer, Motivational Speaker, Announcer, Show Host, Monty Halls is one of the country’s leading explorers. He has recently returned from South Africa where he led an international project seeking out sites of pre-historic settlements beneath the wild seas off the Cape of Good Hope. The team braved giant swells, cold waters and a significant shark threat to find several great caverns that could hold the answers to the very origins of mankind as a species.

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Monty Halls

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Monty Halls is one of the country’s leading explorers. He has recently returned from South Africa where he led an international project seeking out sites of pre-historic settlements beneath the wild seas off the Cape of Good Hope. The team braved giant swells, cold waters and a significant shark threat to find several great caverns that could hold the answers to the very origins of mankind as a species.

He was catapulted into the public eye in early 2002 when he led a multi-national team of adventurers and scientists on an expedition to South East India to discover the ruins of a lost civilisation beneath the sea. This was a discovery of global significance, and established Monty as one of the new stars of British exploration.

This and other projects led Channel 4 to invite Monty to take part in the major TV show “Superhumans”. This two hour television special pitted ten high achievers including athletes, entrepreneurs, models, and astronauts selected from 2000 applicants throughout the UK against one another in a series of extreme tests devised by experts in human performance. After twelve tests that pushed the participants to their mental and physical limits, Monty was declared the winner in the live final watched by over a million people in May 2004.

Monty was also invited by Channel 4 to present a programme on Jules Verne’s epic fantasy “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. Filming took the crew around the world, from active volcano’s in Hawaii to caves in Mexico, from sweltering goldmines in South Africa to earthquake simulators in Japan. Presented by Monty throughout, the programme is a combination of swashbuckling science and raw adventure, and has recently aired to rave reviews.

Monty’s first book (“Dive – The Ultimate Guide”) was published in September this year, coming out at the same time as a commercial DVD (“Totally Wrecked”) chronicling the adventures of a team of divers he led around the world seeking out the greatest shipwrecks in the sea.

Monty is an adventurer in the finest traditions of British exploration. A former Royal Marines Officer, he was the first to get an underwater picture of a rare crocodile species in the jungle pools of the mysterious Maya Mountains in Belize. In late 2001 he led a pioneering project 270 kilometres in sea kayaks up the inland shore of one of Africa's great rift lakes, photographing new underwater species and contacting remote villages and indigenous peoples en route. He has also photographed sharks in cave systems in South Africa, and led projects in Indonesia, Honduras and the Philippines. His television programmes have appeared on Channel 4, Carlton, Discovery, and the National Geographic channel.

Areas of Expertise

Drawing from his experience as a Royal Marines Officer and leader of numerous demanding expeditions throughout the world, Monty takes the audience on roller coaster ride through a series of stunning adventures. He not only outlines the principles of good leadership and effective crisis management, he also shows real examples of the application of these principles on operations with one of the world's elite regiments and on expedition to some of the most remote locations on earth.

Whether diving storm lashed seas over the ruins of a lost civilisation in India, exchanging gunfire with poachers in Africa, or facing great white sharks off Cape Town, Monty always took the time to observe the teams under his leadership. The result is a presentation that demands seatbelts to be tightened and cigarettes to be extinguished, and an experience that is taking conferences throughout the country by storm.

The speaking circuit abounds with a bewildering array of climbers, polar explorers and mountaineers. Although extraordinary in their own way, many of the messages of these presentations are the same, drawn from projects operating in extreme conditions using specialists in remote areas beyond outside assistance.

Picture a leader who has had to mould perfectly normal individuals into effective teams, taking them on projects in every environment imaginable throughout the world. Taking disparate groups, identifying a clear aim, and then creating the momentum and techniques to overcome any obstacle to achieve results – this a challenge Monty Halls has undertaken with gusto over a decade of remarkable projects way outside the realm of normal exploration.

Monty specialises in leadership at the coalface for organisations as diverse as the Natural History Museum, the Scientific Exploration Society and an array of conservation, media and commercial groups. His levels of success on his projects today are incomparable, all based on years of observation of the individuals and teams around him. People tend to react to the team environment in certain ways, regardless of the setting or circumstances. It is the understanding precisely these group dynamics that is the key to effective leadership, and Monty’s presentations reveal just why we behave the way we do when stress is applied, and how to manage such behaviour. His teams operate in some of the most rapidly changing environments on earth, and yet must learn to flex, evolve and adapt to their surroundings.

“It is not the strong that survive, nor the most intelligent, it is those with the ability to adapt to change.” Charles Darwin.

Monty believes that conferences and seminars require a refreshing new approach. The days when delegates struggled to draw parallels between the summit of Everest and their working lives are over – real examples of real people under real stress are required.

Monty’s presentations investigate:

• Group dynamics under pressure.
• Maintaining the aim in a changing environment.
• Effective communication.
• Getting it wonderfully right, and hideously wrong.

His style is exceptionally dynamic, light-hearted, frequently hilarious, and open to investigation and questioning from the floor.

“There is no way I can tell anyone how to run their company, just the same way as they can’t tell me how to run my projects. What I can do is create a buzz, a groundswell of interest into what leadership is all about. If I can start a debate at any conference into what effective management really means, raise a few eyebrows along the way, and contribute to a noisy bar at the end of the day, then I’ve done my job.” Monty Halls

Client Comments

“We wanted our conference to end with a bang – and with Monty we got something on an atomic scale. Hire him whilst you can still afford him, and remind everyone to fasten seatbelts and extinguish cigarettes before the talk begins!”

Tim Barkey, Tropicana Drinks

"I have been attending these conferences for a decade, and that is the best presentation I've ever seen."

K Molander - Enterprise Solutions Manager, IBM

"Monty took our audience of 400 on a whirlwind breathtaking tour of some amazing off-beat adventures. The penny dropped for me at the end. I should be doing more with my life."

Dr Jules Eden. Dive Doctor, Radio Presenter. Organiser of The Royal Geographical Society "The Dive Lectures" Series.

"Inspiring, funny, highly informative, and a real glimpse of the effect of stress on the human animal. The highlight of our conference"

Emma Darlestone - Focus Solutions Group.

"Fantastic style and delivery. Monty was very enthusiastic and his enthusiasm was infectious. The audience was extremely responsive to him."

Mahoof Naji - Marketing Executive Investors In People.

"The audience listened spellbound as Monty Halls shared with them his enthusiasm and expertise. There was hardly a member of the audience who didn't come away wishing he or she could have joined him on one of his expeditions."

Natalie Mees - The Gilbert White Museum.

What The Media Say.

"The UK's leading dive adventurer." National Geographic Television

"Want to know about adventure and exploration? Monty Halls has the answers" Sky Television

"He's an explorer of the ripping yarns style" Diver Magazine

"The new Cousteau..." Appearance on the Richard and Judy TV Show

"A cross between Indiana Jones and a male model, explorer Monty Halls" James Whale Talk show

"International adventurer Monty Halls..." TV News Show "London Tonight"

"Hot Shot diver Monty Halls led historian Graham Hancock and 16 other divers from the SES and India's National Institute of Oceanography down to the sea bed 49 times in 72 hours" The Sun

"Pioneer: Expedition leader Monty Halls" Daily Express

"The latest discovery has been made by a team from the Dorset-based Scientific Exploration Society. Monty Halls, the diver who led the SES team, said local people had confirmed the ancient story" Daily Mail

"Indian and British scientists have brought back pictures from the seabed of what they say could be a vast temple complex off the coast of a long-lost city, drowned beneath the waves. Monty Halls of the SES.. led the expedition." The Guardian

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