Neil Hanson, After Dinner Speaker, Author, Ghost Writer, You could book a treasure diver, a kidnap negotiator, a polar explorer, a round-the-world walker, a submariner, an England football coach, an England rugby captain, a controversial historian, an undercover investigator, an IRA informer, three or four travellers and adventurers, two jet-pilots and half a dozen SAS men. Or you could book Neil Hanson instead. As a ghostwriter, he’s “been” all of them and knows where the bodies are buried.

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Neil Hanson

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Neil Hanson is a prolific and successful author of over forty published novels and non-fiction books, under a variety of names, for as well as his own work, he is also a Ghostwriter. His clients have included a treasure diver, a polar explorer, a round the world walker, a submariner, an England football coach, the captains of the England rugby union and Great Britain rugby league teams, a controversial historian, an undercover investigator, an IRA informer, a number of travellers and adventurers, two jet-pilots and several SAS men.

Along the highways, byways and frequent cul de sacs of a very chequered career he has also been an Oxford graduate, a plasterer's mate, a door-to door salesman, a holiday camp redcoat, an art gallery director, and simultaneously a rugby league commentator and an art critic - a combination he's pretty confident is unique.

Areas of Expertise

He's been the editor of the drinker's bible, The Good Beer Guide, and the owner of the highest pub in Britain - within a week of taking it over his locals had re-christened him 'Basil' after a well-known Torquay hotelier - and has also found time to travel round the world twice, edit an assortment of obscure magazines, make a couple of television films, write two screenplays, be a radio broadcaster in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and write for every British national newspaper and for media around the world.

His books have been acclaimed by everyone from critics on the Sunday Times and the New York Times to Andy McNab, and in addition to his popular histories, biographies and travel books, he's also written thrillers that have been described as making 'Donnie Brasco look like Noel's House Party' and 'reminiscent of Dick Francis at his very best', though rather more worryingly, he says, they've also been called 'as good as anything written by Jeffrey Archer'.

An award winning after-dinner speaker, he has spoken at every type of occasion - corporate events, conferences, festivals, dinners and banquets - throughout the UK and in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Dubai and New York. He has also made regular appearances on television and radio in Britain, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Client Comments

'You were awesome.' Thomas Power, Chairman, Ecademy, London , November 2003.

'I would like to thank you for being a wonderful after dinner speaker. Your humour, wit and entertaining ability all conspired to keep a very diverse audience entranced. You also managed to inform, be serious and left everyone wanting more from you, a rare gift. You really made our charter dinner special.'

Soroptimist International, Ilkley, October 2003

'Neil Hanson is an extraordinarily lucid, compelling and interesting speaker, mixing the personal and factual in a very beguiling way. I hugely enjoyed his talk and can't recommend him highly enough.'

Simon Winder, Publishing Director, Penguin Books, October 2003

'Thank you very much indeed. There was something new, something challenging in every talk.'

Cambridge History Festival, September 2003

'My husband was literally crying with laughter.'

Audience member, Melbourne, June 2002

'Neil Hanson offered the audience a great display of verbal pyrotechnics.'

Sydney Festival, June 2002

'A vividly engrossing witty and very entertaining speech! You saw for yourself how well it went down with our audience.'

University of Perth, Western Australia, May 2002

'Neil Hanson is a captivating speaker.'

Centre for Forensic Science, Sydney, May 2002

'A spellbinding talk, thank you!'

New Zealand Book Council, Wellington, October 2001

'You were a star, everyone really enjoyed listening to you.' Yorkshire Post Luncheon, September 2001

Praise for Neil Hanson's books

'Outstanding, inspiring and beautifully told, no true tale of the sea makes better reading.'

Clive Cussler

'Straps you in and doesn't let you out until the very last page.'

Andy McNab

'Meticulously researched and utterly fascinating.'

Simon Winchester in the New York Times

This year's greatest triumph of sheer driving narrative, and a masterpiece of popular history. There are passages that can stand comparison with the finest historical prose but what is just as attractive is Hanson's originality.'

Books of the Year, Glasgow Herald, Scotland

'Fresh and compelling. As good as anything written by Jeffrey Archer or Dick Francis.'

Daily Mail, London

'Popular narrative history at its best, well researched, imaginatively and dramatically written.'

Times Literary Supplement, London

'The brilliance of its narrative chapters,a marvellous eye for evocative detail. He creates the literary equivalent of the special effects in a disaster movie. So compelling. A rich mixture of imagination and research.'

Daily Telegraph, London

'He writes with knowledge and verve.'

Sunday Times, London

'A terrific story and a riveting read.'

Spectator, London

'Makes astonishing reading. Extraordinary.'

Times Literary Supplement, London

'Hanson's narrative is brilliant - melding deep research and page-turning writing.'

Sunday Express, London

'An exceptionally vivid account. Hanson has all the talents: a gimlet eye for interesting detail, an ability to convey atmosphere and a storyteller's instinct for pace. He has written a marvellous book.'

Daily Telegraph, London

'Superb.' Best Reads of the Year.

The Independent on Sunday, London

'Neil Hanson does a masterly job. History with the pace and drama of a novel.'

The Australian, Sydney

'Neil Hanson's account of the Great Fire of London was a wonderfully readable book. This retelling of the timeless story of the doomed Armada is, if anything, even more absorbing.'

Christchurch Press, New Zealand

'Robustly clear-sighted and comprehensive... Atmospheric re-telling transports us back to robust 16th Century realities.'

Sunday Times, London

'Brilliant - you can smell the hot oil, the sweat and the fear.'

Daily Telegraph, London

'Tautly written! Makes Donnie Brasco look like Noel's House party.'

FHM Magazine

'Another authentic and gripping novel. Simply terrific'

Manchester Evening News, England

'Engrossing, takes the breath away. A gripping read, reminiscent of Dick Francis at his very best.'

Yorkshire Evening Post, England

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