Paul Mcgee, Business Speaker, Behaviourial & Social Psychology, Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Paul’s main aim is to help people S.U.M.O. - Shut Up, Move On® whilst having plenty of fun in the process. Rather than focus on problems, Paul works with organisations to help their people tackle and overcome many of the challenges of living and working in the 21st century.

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Paul McGee

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Paul McGee is an International Speaker, Workshop Facilitator and Author of four internationally recognised books and two audio programmes. Graduating from Bradford University with a degree that incorporated behavioural and social psychology, he went on to establish a career in human resource management and training.

Areas of Expertise

Paul’s main aim is to help people S.U.M.O. - Shut Up, Move On® whilst having plenty of fun in the process. Rather than focus on problems, Paul works with organisations to help their people tackle and overcome many of the challenges of living and working in the 21st century.

If change is constantly on your agenda, then you won’t want to miss ‘The S.U.M.O.® Guide to Succeeding in a Changing World’. If you are facing increased pressure, he’ll show you ‘Strategies on Stress’ and if you want to build better relationships, then you will benefit from Paul’s presentation on ‘How To Handle, Not Strangle Difficult People’. Finally, if you want to win and retain more customers, then you have to hear Paul speak on ‘Absolutely M.A.D. for Customers’.

Every presentation Paul delivers is tailored to meet your organisations individual requirements. Drawing on his vast personal experience of working in seventeen countries to date, he delivers expert advice, combined with large doses of humour and practical insights to ensure your audience has a memorable, motivational ‘moving on’ experience.


The SUMO Guide to Succeeding in a Changing World

Whether we are ready for it or not, it's the 21st Century and change is happening all around us. Paul's main aim is to help people S.U.M.O ® - Shut Up and Move On. Rather than focus on a problem his goal is to help people discover and implement a solution.

Having had 11 publishers reject his first book, Paul has first hand experience in some of the frustrations we encounter today, but after perseverance his book has since sold over 30,000 copies and can be read in 3 languages.

Learn to S.U.M.O ® (Shut Up, Move On). Exploring how we sabotage our success by continually falling into the mental traps of failure and frustration. This insight identifies the root causes of people’s response to change and gives them strategies to SHUT UP, MOVE ON!

Strategies on stress in the 21st Century

We live in a fast moving world where the unexpected suddenly has become expected, good is not good enough and where right away is too late. In this highly entertaining and interactive presentation, Paul, author of "59 Minutes To A Calmer Life", uses his personal experiences and humorous anecdotes to give practical advice on how to deal with stress in the 21st Century.

Learn to S.U.M.O. Exploring how and why we create unnecessary stress in our lives. This insight reveals how our mindset makes us more prone to pressure and how to Shut Up, Move On in tackling our stress.

Reality Rules. Exploring how our unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others increase the stress factor. This insight reveals the importance of taking a reality check and the need for ‘time out’ in order to perform right.

Learn Latin. Exploring how the latin concept of ‘carpe diem’ (seize the day) is crucial to performing successfully under pressure. This insight reveals that stress does not quietly slip away over time - we need to implement strategies and take personal responsibility if we are to experience a calmer life.

Absolutely MAD for Customers

Paul's background in Personnel Management, Psychology and the service industry gives him the knowledge and experience to teach you how to win, retain and delight your customers,”

In this highly motivating and exciting presentation Paul gives practical advice in order to MAD (Make a Difference) in our competitive 21st Century world.

It's the people stupid! Explores why a great product and great systems does not always equate to a great service. This insight reveals how people's attitudes to customers 'Makes a Difference' and is the critical factor in delivering superior service.

Encounters In Excellence. Exploring the factors that customers judge our service on. This insight reveals specific areas organisations must address in order to retain and delight their customers.

Listen Up. Exploring the skill of active listening, and its importance in dealing with both our internal and external customers. This insight reveals how to meet the emotional as well as the practical needs of our customers.

How To Handle Not Strangle Difficult People

Paul has a diploma in counselling and graduated from Bradford University with a BA Honours in Applied Social Studies. (This incorporated behavioural and social psychology). He understands only too well from his research, the different personality types and what drives some of us to want to strangle people who we perceive to be difficult.

Paul delivers this highly motivational and humorous presentation, giving practical advice and drawing from his own personal experiences.

Remember the beach ball. Exploring why people see the same situation from a different perspective and how this influences their behaviour. This insight helps you to understand other people's perspectives and move from a position of stalemate and conflict to a position of solution and resolution.

Knowing me, knowing you. Exploring peoples preferred personality styles and how to adopt a flexible approach when dealing with different people. This insight explodes the myth that 'we should treat people as we want to be treated' and instead shows why we need to use 'different strokes for different folks'.


Paul's in-depth knowledge of the subjects he speaks on means he is also able to provide workshops in each area.

These workshops are ideal for the team who wants to explore issues in more depth. Paul draws upon his vast experience gained from working with over 150 organisations worldwide coupled with his expertise in behavioural and social psychology.

For senior executives Paul also provides one to one coaching in speaking and presentation skills.

Client Comments

"May I on behalf of everyone at Manchester United who attended your seminar thank you for a great presentation

The feedback has been excellent and all very positive. Your insights on S.U.M.O will surely never be forgotten.”

Kenneth Merrett, Football Club Secretary, Manchester United, Feb 2004

“Wow how do I follow that! I feel so inspired I want to take up athletics again!”

March Richardson, 400m mens relay silver medallist, Atlanta Olympics 1996, Sports Coaches Conference, April 2004

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excellent presentation - what an inspiration you are! I really must say a big personal thank you to you - it isn’t easy choosing speakers for our sessions and I always worry I may not have ‘picked my choice’ correctly - not in your case - my last meeting as chair for LACA was an out and out success - all thanks for you.”

Birmingham City Council, April 03

“I attended the luncheon at Aston Villa last week which incorporated your talk. I just wanted to say that we found it very enjoyable and I have today used the expression SUMO whilst driving into work - the inner critic in me was beating me up over something I said a few days ago, so I shouted loud - SHUT UP AND MOVE ON!


Churchill Recruitment, Jul 03

“What a superb performance it was and how much I enjoyed watching and listening to a person I would term a really professional speaker. The content was excellent and informative - just the sort of information people need to acknowledge. The involvement of the audience worked very well indeed. Add to an excellent content a delivery that was extremely good and you have the ingredients of a polished speaker who speaks from the heart and with a passion on his subject. A real pleasure to listen to”.

MD Complete Works International, Nov 01

MD Complete Works International, Nov 01

Paul McGee presented to 80 staff from The Union Pub Company. "Motivational Speakers" often simply impress with examples of how they themselves achieved extraordinary things. Paul was different. He left each of us with practical help to deal with getting the best out of ourselves and others.

Chief Executive, The Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries Plc, Oct 2003

As you know, our partners and staff were all impressed by your energetic performance and enthusiasm to impart knowledge. We still hear ‘quotes’ from ‘the book of Paul McGee’. It is wonderful to think that your messages were not only heard and understood, but they continue to be practised by all levels of staff!

HR Director, Shoosmiths Solicitors

"The feedback from our Senior Managers and Vice-presidents has been excellent. As a result they are now able to present with even greater professionalism and impact. This reflects very positively on both themselves and our organisation."

Global Communications Development Manager, Shell Chemicals 2003

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