Rohit Talwar, Business Speaker, Futurist Speaker, Europe's leading Futurist, Motivational Speaker, Rohit Talwar is regarded as one of Europe's leading professional futurists who brings a truly global perspective to his work - drawing on experience gained from speaking and working on all five continents. He combines in-depth research and over 20 years of practical experience to help global businesses develop real insights into future possibilities and act on them to create powerful strategies and deliver innovative change.

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Rohit Talwar

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Rohit Talwar is regarded as one of Europe's leading professional futurists who brings a truly global perspective to his work - drawing on experience gained from speaking and working on all five continents. He combines in-depth research and over 20 years of practical experience to help global businesses develop real insights into future possibilities and act on them to create powerful strategies and deliver innovative change.

Rohit specialises in working with professional services firms to help them create thought leadership strategies and build higher value customer relationships.

Examples include:

Working with international law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner to help the partners develop a thought leadership strategy, keynote presenting at thought leadership events for their clients and creating a monthly thought leadership forum for their clients and prospects in the Defence sector which has generated significant new business and raised the firm’s profile within the sector.

Helping Halliburton KBR see how to use thought leadership to create longer term strategic relationships, providing tools and processes to facilitate long term scenario creation with key clients and open up new markets in an enlarged EU

Assisting Price Waterhouse Coopers to identify and develop e-business based thought leadership propositions for their audit clients

Running thought leadership workshops for clients from a range of sectors to help them identify opportunities to build thought leadership with their clients

Facilitating a global pharmaceutical company through the development of its thinking on how to build and sustain thought leadership in a fast changing healthcare environment.

Areas of Expertise

Rohit brings a truly global perspective to his work - drawing on experience gained from working and speaking on five continents. He combines in-depth research and over 20 years of practical experience to help inspire leaders from start ups through to global businesses. He provides clear insights into future possibilities and helps clients act on them to create powerful strategies and deliver innovative change. His clients typically ask about ten key issues:

What are the key trends and drivers shaping our world?

Where are the key short, medium and longer term opportunities and risks?

What are the implications for our customers, their markets and industries?

What are the key forces and possibilities shaping our markets and industry?

Given these drivers, how do we build and sustain key customer relationships?

What are the implications for us - strategy, people, products and processes?

How de we develop out capacity for creativity, innovation and rapid change?

How do we develop a ‘futures radar’ and stay ahead of the curve?

How do we motivate leadership and senior management teams to seize the future?

How can we stay ahead of the pack and regularly be first to the future?

Rohit facilitated the consultation for the MoD’s recently published Strategic Trends 2030 programme and is a popular speaker with Defence Audiences on both sides of the Atlanti . He was lead author and editor of the acclaimed book – Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services. He also designed of the BBC Video series – Re-engineering the Business.

Rohit has recently returned from California where he was invited to deliver a keynote address on Global Trends and share the platform with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

He speaks regularly to in-company audiences, major global conferences and professional associations - he has been invited back 3 times in six months by the Strategic Planning Society.

Clients typically want him to address five key issues in his presentations:

What are the key business, political, economic, technological, social and environmental trends and drivers shaping our world
What are the implications for our customers and their industries
What are the key forces and possibilities shaping our own industry
Given these drivers, how do we build and sustain key customer relationships
What are the implications for our people, products and processes

He recently delivered several keynote presentations including to the partner conference for Berwin Leighton Paisner and to senior managers from Shell, Halliburton, BAe Systems and the US Department of Defence.

His presentations draw in part on a major consultation He facilitated for the MoD as part of a programme to identify Global Strategic Trends out to the year 2030. Rohit is currently running a £2M futures research programme for UK government including a study to identify the 100 critical trends shaping the next 20 years.

Topics covered in recent speeches include:

Global futures
Global trends and the implications for the legal industry
Future US-EU relations and the implications for defence partnering
The future of the EU
Strategic trends and the implications for defence and security
Future challenges in financial services
The future of outsourcing
Session Title - FUTUREQUEST: The future and what it means for your planet, your clients and your business

Rohit can be your tour guide as he takes you on a journey through the trends, ideas and possibilities that will shape the 21st century. Using a highly interactive format, case studies and a range of powerful stories and insights, Rohit can help you build a personal vision of the future. You will gain powerful and compelling insights into the key global, social, business and technological trends and ideas shaping our world. He will help you understand the implications for your customers and their markets and identify the opportunities and challenges for your business.

Rohit draws upon his experience of speaking and working on five continents to bring the future to life. He highlights just how critical changes such as the rise of India and China, the emergence of new technologies and the collapsing of time and distance are rewriting the rules of global business.

Attendees will learn how their client's worlds are changing - fresh markets, new channels, emerging competitors, rising customer expectations and new ways of doing business. They will learn practical tools for exploring client implications, predicting and pre-empting future customer requirements and for examining the impact on their own business. They will learn how to stay one step ahead, future-proof their own business and reinvent themselves on a continuous basis.

Client Comments

"The insight Rohit Talwar brings to examination of future trends is always expressed in an entertaining, compelling, coherent and challenging manner. This is a 'must' for all who are trying to understand an increasingly turbulent business environment and build this into their strategic plans. His ability to create an engaging debate with his audience always makes his sessions a thought provoking occasion."

Richard Smart - Head of Business Development Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

"Attending the Phoenix Challenge Conference in Las Vegas in the Fall of 2003, I was particularly pleased with the speaker, Rohit Talwar. He was engaging as well as informative. I found that the time flew by during his speech and was disappointed when his allotted time was over. However, he stayed afterwards with the audience and spoke to whoever had questions or comments until all had left. I recommend him highly as a speaker and believe he will give that "little extra" to your audience after his speech is done. He is well worth it."

Garet J. Moravec, M.S. Manager, Information Operations/Information Assurance
USSTRATCOM Programs Lockheed Martin Integrated Services & Solutions

"Rohit provides the framework and settings for people to consider scenarios that are intellectually stretching. The future is what we make it. This is where you start to see what it may look like. Well researched and superbly presented, this will challenge your strategic thinkers."

Ian Fuller Sales Manager - Export

“Rohit, you were amazing! I loved the way you blended issues about the future with practical, real, how-to-benefit-from-this type of information. Your insights were clear, understandable and in plain English. Your insights into the future are based on sound reasoning and information. Great job! “

Terry L. Brock - Marketing Coach President & CEO, Achievement Systems, Inc.

"There is nothing bushiness and individuals desire more than to look into the future. We will give almost anything to know what's going to happen next. Listening to Rohit was one of the most interesting and rewarding experience I've enjoyed in a very long time. Not a book report but instead an insightful and attention grabbing experience from a credentialed expert.

W Mitchell, CPAE Co - Founding Chairman, Vermont Castings, Inc

“Mr. Talwar’s presentation at the IQPC Naval Air Warfare Conference in December 2003 was one of the most informative presentations I have heard in a long time. I believe that anyone involved with Strategic Planning would be very well served hearing Mr Talwar speak.”

Alex Dimitrew Manager, International Business Development

Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems & Sensors

"Rohit's presentation content and style never fails to engage and excite audiences - professionals from every industry should take the time to stop and listen"

Joby Turner Head of Business Development – Defence IQ

IQPC Conferences

Rohit's unique ability is to have you forget about him as the speaker and experience the massive change in your perceptions as he walks you through the world and the possibilities for the future. I was blown-away. Great job

Seán Weafer Firstcoach

"Rohit makes a difference - and an impact - wherever he shows up. He has a brain the size of Texas (left and right hand bits fully integrated) and an even bigger heart. If you need an insight into what the future may have in store for you or your corporation, Rohit is your man. Forget six degrees of separation. With Rohit in your Rolodex, it's more like three degrees. He's also a bloody good bloke."

Martin Leith - Owner – Movers and Shakers

I heard you speak at an IP Forum organised by the Defence Manufacturers Association on 1st May 2003. Your presentation on 'Future strategic trends and their implications for the defence and security market' was fascinating. It gave me a number of ideas and leads to follow, which have in turn influenced the strategy we have adopted for our small but technically leading edge company.

Robert Lynch Commercial Manager Space Cryomagnetics Ltd.

"Rohit's talk is a must for anybody or organisation wishing to reach their potential; understanding possible future changes/developments is critical for effective strategic thinking. His presentation was extremely informative, leading-edge, entertaining and essential viewing"

Malcolm Lewis Strategic Value Partners

"In looking at future scenarios, Rohit has the ability to take a series of incredibly complex issues and make them accessible to a diverse audience, adding a useful light touch. In doing so, he challenges us all to think much more seriously and strategically about future trends."

Bob Reitemeier Chief Executive The Children's Society

"I had the pleasure of attending a presentation on futures tools and techniques delivered by Rohit Talwar in summer 2003. I remember the session for Rohit's clear exposition of the techniques and for the high level of interaction achieved within and amongst the audience. It was the most enjoyable session I attended that year. I would look forward with interest to any future presentation of his."

Paul Nicholson IS R&D HM Customs & Excise

I have had the pleasure to attend 2 presentations by Rohit and have always found him to be Dynamic, interesting and stimulating while presenting. He is an excellent audience motivator and combines knowledge with a powerful and thoughtful action packed presentation. He is very competent with Technology and visual aids and uses them to full effect. It’s always a pleasure to attend his presentations and I always feel that I have learned a great deal. I wish him well.

Dr Mark J Hassall Director Money matters

Rohit is a confident and assured speaker in front of large or small audiences, with an excellent grasp of his subject matter. I organised a presentation that he gave on his current work for the Defra Horizon Scanning Programme to an audience drawn from across UK Government. I was very satisfied, and pleased with the way in which he handled the subsequent question and discussion session.

Karl Cunion Assistant Director, Foresight UK Government Office of Science and Technology

“This is to testify that I was very impressed by Mr Rohit Talwar presentation. That was for me a real opportunity to discover a new way to think about the consequences the elements that rule the world could have. Really a very original and interesting manner to open your mind in order to look at the possible evolutions that could have an impact on the world equilibrium and on the strategies to be defined not to be destabilised”

Admiral Paul HABERT EADS Political Affairs/FRANCE

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