Sean Brickell, Business Speaker, The Naked Journalist, Link Presenter, Motivation, After Dinner Speaker, Business trainer, Media Trainer, TV Presenter, Announcer, Show Host, Seán is a recognised master in the art of effective and compelling communication, helping businesses raise and maintain their brand integrity and profile, improve customer and staff relations and loyalty and enhancing personal and corporate reputations, all of which help improve profits.

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Seán Brickell

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Seán is a recognised master in the art of effective and compelling communication, helping businesses raise and maintain their brand integrity and profile, improve customer and staff relations and loyalty and enhancing personal and corporate reputations, all of which help improve profits.

He has worked with many private and public sector organisations like IBM, Shell, Unilever, Barclaycard, Astra Zeneca, Bank of Scotland, Safeway, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, the Government of Dubai, National & Alamo Car Rental, the UK Department of Education and the Public Record Office.

The award winning journalist and broadcaster has worked at the sharp end of every branch of the media. He is an award winning journalist and broadcaster. He was the UK’s youngest ever network television news reporter, aged 21, and a network television news presenter, aged 22 and an undercover investigative reporter and writer for national newspapers from the age of 19.

Areas of Expertise

Seán Brickell is one of UK’s top communication & presentation experts and can transform the way you present yourself and communicate your products and services to the media and to clients to win more business.

Seán is also an international conference and event facilitator & presenter; a business, motivational and after dinner speaker as well as an executive coaching & training consultant who works around the world with an interesting diversity of clients.

Seán shows individuals and companies and organisations to present themselves persuasively and productively so you they win over their audiences.

The half-day, 1-day and 2-day workshops and the one-to-one coaching sessions are highly informative, fun, humorous and practical and demonstrate how to present yourself and your organisation effectively in differing situations, from networking, writing effectively and persuasively, engaging successfully with customers and making sales pitches and business presentations to dealing with crisis management and handling “live” TV performances and difficult and hostile media interviews.


• The Naked Journalist: How to Wow & Win over Clients in just 15 seconds!
• Sharpen your Tongue to Win Business
• Networking a room for Profit
• Seán Brickell Undressed! (Motivational)

Presenter, Facilitator & Compère:

Seán, an award winning journalist and broadcaster, is an international conference & event facilitator, presenter & compère and chairs discussions, seminars and other corporate events for executives of all levels in groups of varying sizes. He is capable of assimilating a lot of complex detail and using his warmth and quick fire wit to great effect. As one client put it, “Seán adds impact and that magic touch to any event.”

Executive Coaching & Training:

Seán is one of Europe’s leading communication & presentation coaches and can transform the way you present yourself and communicate your products and services to potential and existing clients and the media to win more business:

• Media training
• Presentation & Public Speaking training
• Crisis Management training
• Writing & Communication training
• Networking training
• Customer sales training

Benefits of working with Seán:

• Highlighting your key messages in a persuasive and productive way that will make you stand out from the competition
• Enhancing the media and business appeal of key executives and staff
• Enhancing the media and business performance & profile of key executives and staff
• Improving your personal and company image
• Improving personal and professional confidence
• Increasing opportunities for winning over target audiences
• Strengthening your written & spoken communications with existing and potential clients & investors
• Winning over new clients
• Keeping existing clients loyal by making them feel cherished, supported and provided for
• Strengthening your written & spoken communications with colleagues by reducing conflict and boosting team spirit
• Challenging staff to higher goals personally and professionally
• Boosting morale among colleagues at all levels making them more effective internally & externally
• Improving your abilities as a persuasive and productive networker to win more business
• Enhancing your industry & peer group profile & reputation
• Communicating your brand in a compellingly colourful way
• Helping to increase market share
• Helping to increase profits

Client Comments

“Being briefed to write a funny speech on the subject of safety at work for an important international audience of senior managers and directors was not an easy task. And yet your speech was excellently written, pertinent, sharp and, above all, full of funny jokes and anecdotes that went down a storm. Your efforts made my life a whole lot easier - so much so that I will be using it again!”

Graham Cooke, General Manager, Unilever.

“You had a huge challenge on your hands for an important client evening. You needed to be a witty and engaging speaker, event compère and auctioneer with some of our key clients by entertaining and making them feel valued while, at the same time, also getting them to bid as much money as possible for a charity auction. You not only managed to raise a lot of money, but you made us all laugh and kept us entertained before, during and after the event which was a great success as a result. Thank you. You would be my first choice for any event we hold in the future which requires a guest speaker.”

Rachel Harris, Manager, New Business, Bank of Scotland.

“Seán's media training techniques are excellent as was the feedback from our staff. He is able to relate to his audiences easily and brings colour and interest to the whole experience. I have huge confidence when working with Seán in this area of expertise which adds great value to our company's investment in employee development.”

Stephen Swain, Communications Manager, South West Water

“Seán was a fantastic investment for our pioneering conference in South Africa, both personally and professionally, as he gave so much of himself for the benefit of the delegates and the event organisers in and out of the conference hall. He was a great presenter who helped us achieve our aims with a wonderful mix of understanding, encouragement and great wit. He has the unique ability to engage with people of all cultures and meet them at their level whether in a group or a one-to-one setting.”

Edward Okundi, CEO, Leadership Shines Through.

“Lively and fun and 100% professional. Seán adds impact and that magic touch to any event.”

Sue Wilkinson, Head of Life and Health Propositions, Abbey (National).

“It was a pleasure having you here in Dubai. You inspired and entertained a very varied audience in a way we could all understand and learn from. You showed us by example of how it should and could be done. I look forward to coming on more of your workshops.”

Mohammad Ahmad Bazargan, Senior Relationship Officer, National Bank of Abu Dhabi.

“The feedback from everyone was fantastic. You really inspired and entertained us all with a mixture of passion, insight and wit about how to communicate effectively to win business. It's not surprising therefore that, after your speech, people were queuing up to talk to you and to ask how to book your training workshops.”

Anne Morris, Worcester Business Breakfast Club.

“He has a very witty and engaging manner and uses his energy and charm to manage an audience very effectively. He is capable of grasping a lot of complex detail about our clients' businesses in a short amount of time which adds incisiveness and insight to our seminars which our clients thoroughly enjoy and benefit from as a result.”

Helen Ward, ex-Managing Director of Media First Ltd.

“Your informative, encouraging, honest and humorous approach undoubtedly helped prepare us for our launch and beyond…As a result, I believe we at have looked even more polished and that, undoubtedly, will have done wonders for our public and corporate profile…I shall happily recommend you to anyone else who needs this invaluable service.”


“I really enjoyed your presentation. If I could speak to an audience at 10% of your level I would be delighted! I started my business in January and sent off a press release to my local paper in an attempt to get a kick start and, of course, a bit of free advertising. The response – nothing. I picked up on a few things you said last Thursday and revamped my release and sent it to them again. I have just gotten off the phone having had a long chat with the business editor and the photographer is coming on Monday! This is as a direct result of me paying attention to you last week.”

John Bates, Travel Counsellors.

“Your media profiling encapsulated everything about me, both personally and professionally, in a compellingly colourful way. It certainly therefore got the media coverage I needed to help me grow my business because it was so professionally done - in fact, so much so, that whole chunks of it were copied word for word by the journalist in a top magazine which is read by my main target audience! Thank you.”

Shamus Ogilvy, Owner of The Ogilvy Smokery.

“Seán is an intuitive, resourceful and highly intelligent presenter and interviewer. He also possesses a wicked and infectious sense of humour. He has a genuine warmth and friendliness towards contributors, delegates and production teams both inside and outside any event. He has a refreshingly individual flair and style, but is also a committed team player who works damn hard. He's a great bloke and a pleasure to work with.”

Neil Armstrong, UK Conference Producer & Director.

“With your press releases and handling of the media, you effectively countered the effects of widespread and inappropriate negative publicity on my reputation during a legal appeal against a criminal conviction. I was impressed with the speed of your actions. Your understanding of your business is thorough. Your writing ability is especially good, being able to get the message across in a concise, easy and persuasive style. This, coupled with your shrewd awareness of visual impact, meant that news articles were accompanied with appropriate pictures to endorse the message. Thank you.”

Wing Commander Mohammed Ashraf, RAF.

“’‘Wow!' was the first reaction when we saw all the hard work you put into overhauling our website. You have revolutionized the site to include all the necessary information in an organized, user-friendly and, above all, a very well written and enticing way. Even though we work in a highly specialised area, your efforts will help us get our core messages across to a broader cross-section of the public. You have made our website into an effective and must-see business asset. Thank you.”

Victoria Grace, Director of Ascot Park Polo Club.

“I had a great day with you and feel it’s made a huge difference.”

Aimee Anderson, PR Executive, Porter Novelli.

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