Shaun Smith, Customer Service Speaker, Delivering the Customer Service Experience, Marketing Speaker, Branding Consultant, Business trainer, Over the last few years, Shaun has been a key catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the much wider and strategic issue of customer experience. He has developed some of the latest thinking and practice around this subject, focusing in particular on how organisations can achieve brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty through the customer experience.

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Shaun Smith

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Over the last few years, Shaun has been a key catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the much wider and strategic issue of customer experience. He has developed some of the latest thinking and practice around this subject, focusing in particular on how organisations can achieve brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty through the customer experience.

He has featured a number of times on the 'Ask the Expert' programme on CNBC and is co-author of two best-selling business books. Uncommon Practice , researched and written in partnership with Interbrand, examines those companies that create exceptional customer experiences. His second book Managing the Customer Experience , reveals how leaders can build this kind of competitive advantage for their own organisations. Shaun is also contributing author to The Economist's recent book, Brands and Branding .

Over the last 15 years, he has built up a wealth of practical experience, working with organisations in Europe , Asia Pacific and the US . He began his career in the airline industry, where he became Head of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Training worldwide for British Airways. He later moved to Hong Kong to head up Cathay Performa Consulting, where he specialised in customer service strategy, before starting up his own company providing customer service consultancy to international organisations in Asia .

He returned to the UK in the late 1990s as Senior Vice President, Europe of The Customer Experience Business, a specialist consulting division of Forum Corporation, which is one of the world's leading providers of workplace learning.

He has worked within a diverse range of sectors, including both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations. These include retail, telecoms, travel, leisure, professional and financial services, technology, automotive, manufacturing and the public sector.

He is a highly regarded speaker and presents regularly on many of the key issues challenging businesses in the 21 st Century. These include topics such as brand leadership and differentiation; 'triad power': how marketing, customer service and HR can work together to create customer-focused change; and motivating and training employees to deliver the brand. Shaun is also author of the Organisational Alignment Survey (OAS®) , a tool that has been used by many organisations worldwide to identify how they can align their people with company values and strategy.

Areas of Expertise

Shaun now runs his own customer experience consultancy, which is firmly routed in the 'keep it simple' ethos. He doesn't talk paradigms, complex methodologies or seven magic bullets; instead his approach is refreshingly straightforward, always pragmatic and at times, controversial.

Key speech and workshop topics include:

• Managing your customer experience - turning your customers into advocates

Customer service is in crisis - not because it's bad, but because it's undifferentiated.

How do you create customer experiences that differentiate your brand? How do you create a level of customer satisfaction that is so strong that customers become your best advocates? How do you avoid becoming one of the 55% of companies that drive customers away through their CRM systems? This presentation is based on Shaun's book 'Managing the Customer Experience - turning customers into advocates' published by FT Prentice Hall in 2003.

• Brands and branding in the 21st century - moving towards holistic marketing

Many people are talking about 'living the brand', few know how to do it. How do you turn brand promises and values into brand behaviours? What are the ten most common ways to screw up your brand - and how do you avoid them? How do you create your leadership brand? How does Marketing, Operations and HR need to work together to truly deliver the brand. This presentation is based on Shaun's latest thinking in the Economist's recent book 'Brands and Branding' published by Profile Books 2003.

• Organisational alignment - harnessing the power of your people

Implementing strategy is about five times harder than creating it. How can you align your people with your strategy? Many organisations merge with others or consolidate their brands; some are successful in realising cost-efficiencies, very few are successful in aligning their people or creating shareholder value. What are the key ingredients in doing so? How do you electrify and energise the people in your organisation to deliver the potential value in your company. This presentation is based on Shaun's Organisational Alignment Survey ä conducted with over 23,000 employees from 52 companies in 20 countries.

• Leadership - the uncommon practices of winning brands

What are the Uncommon Practices demonstrated by leaders of great brands? What is it that they do differently from less successful companies? Learn the leadership secrets of Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Charles Dunstone and many others. This presentation is based on Shaun's book 'Uncommon Practice - People who deliver a great brand experience' co-authored with Andy Milligan of Interbrand and published by FT Prentice Hall in 2003.

Major public presentations include:

• Istanbul: The 2003 Brand Marketing conference

• Orlando: The North American Customer Service Management Conference, 2003

• Taipei: The 2003 Harvard Mgmt Services Conference: managing customer experience

• Birmingham: The 2003 Leaders in Leisure Conference at the NEC

• London: The European Customer Service Management Conference 2003

• Melbourne / Sydney Wellington / Auckland: The 2003 Uncommon Practice road show

• London: Chartered Inst. of Personnel Development 2002: branding your training

• New York: The 2002 Corporate Image Conference: employees, the secret ingredient

• London: The Institute of Directors: the branded customer experience 2002

• Copenhagen: The Institute of Marketing: managing change to create competitive advantage

• Singapore: The Service Quality Conference: aligning employee behaviour with customer needs

• The P&O Arcadia: The Marketing Forum: retail squeeze, how to create customer loyalty

• Harrogate: The Chartered Inst. of marketing national conference - service or servility

Client Comments

"The Brand Leadership workshop was insightful and inspiring. We have a much clearer understanding of how we can differentiate our customer experience and deliver our brand in our European operations. Most importantly, we now have practical tools that we can use to engage our people and enable them to deliver the Phonehouse experience."

Richard Smelt. Group HR Director, The Carphone Warehouse - July 03

"Shaun did an outstanding job of informing, educating and entertaining senior leisure directors at the Leaders in Leisure event. So much so, that we have invited him back to present next year."

Tim Webster. Managing Director Bodylife UK Ltd - September 03

"Shaun is a master at storytelling and does it in a way which stretches anyone in the service and sales arena to go that extra yard. His insights are well researched and relevant to the audience - they hit home with full impact" .

Gordon Lefevre, General Manager, Personal Financial Services, National Australia Bank - Oct 03

"Inspiring and constantly maintaining interest. Shaun is an excellent presenter. I liked his examples, structure and energy. Excellent! He was very experienced and pragmatic in his approach to the content, and realistic in his promise. Gave practical solutions and real life examples, which gave credibility to what he suggested...Thought provoking in his presentation...Clear, easy to understand and very practical in implementing and aligning organisations to meet customer needs. It was exceptionally relevant with excellent examples. Lots of ideas to consider"

The Customer Service Management World Conference 2002/03

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