Prof. Tom Lambert, Business Speaker, Business Psychologist, Technologist Speaker, Marketing Consultant, Tom has held senior international marketing, executive and organizational development positions with blue chip corporations and has lectured at universities worldwide. He mentors top executives and serves as advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors for a major European bank in addition to holding non-executive directorships.

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Prof Tom Lambert

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Tom has held senior international marketing, executive and organizational development positions with blue chip corporations and has lectured at universities worldwide. He mentors top executives and serves as advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors for a major European bank in addition to holding non-executive directorships.

As a consultant, Tom offers strategic advice to major corporations to enable them to develop ethical global dominance strategies. He also conducts training workshops in the fields of consultancy process as well as ethical sales and marketing based on customer and client psychology.

Tom Lambert has enthralled and enthused audiences throughout the English-speaking world. He is an international author, broadcaster, consultant, trainer, conference speaker and business journalist who is called, in America, "the world's friendliest guru". In Europe and Southern Africa, Australasia and the USA his books and seminars have led him to be known to the quality business press, as "the consultant's consultant". He has built his global reputation and status by practising what he preaches.

He is recognised globally for his insights into strategic and tactical action, particularly in the field market dominance through "bricks" or "clicks" alone or a fully integrated strategy online or off. He is an advocate of building the personal brand and fast sustainable results. As a business psychologist working in a business world in which youth is held in exaggerated esteem he has researched, tested and written major works on rejuvenation.

Tom has been the recipient of numerous international business honours. He has managed consultancies and other businesses, large and small in Europe as well as the USA.
In November 2002 leading members of the consultancy profession gave a lunch in his honour in recognition of his unique contributions to the profession.

Areas of Expertise

Tom does not deliver "canned" conference presentations. He prefers to research and write something directly appropriate to the theme of the conference and the needs of the listeners. The following, therefore, are simply an indication of recent keynotes. They are not "off the shelf" presentations.

Inside the Buyer's Mind
Die Young and Healthy of Old Age
Highest Income Consulting
Leadership Facts and Fiction
Kick-Ass Strategy
Never Fail Sales
Thought Leadership in the 21st Century
The Constant Customer

He has spoken prolifically to senior audiences throughout Europe, Southern Africa and the United States and has been an acclaimed keynote speaker at international conferences throughout the "English speaking world".
Tom's presentations are equally well received by audiences of his professional peers and business leaders.

Newspaper and magazine articles

Tom has written for a considerable segment of the world's press from time to time including a monthly column in a leading regional newspaper.

Books by Tom Lambert are indicative of his range of conference presentations and include:

High Income Consulting (2nd Edition)
"A book for all the professions - How to have clients beating a path to your door"

High Value Consulting - "The how to choose, use, manage and control consultants and other advisers book that puts executives and managers back into the driving seat"

Making Change Pay - "Short, sharp, relevant advice which explains, step by step, how to optimise your return when change is essential - and change always is essential in a volatile business world."

Key Management Tools
"The proven tool kit for managers and consultants"

Key Management Solutions (2nd Edition)
"A unique book - The complete guide for general management"

The Power of Influence

"Precise and detailed information on buyer psychology and behaviour"
"Based on a total of more than 60 years of practical and academic psychological research into how to change other peoples' behaviour, get them to buy your ideas and build the relationships that you need."

e-Market Dominance

Co-written with Brian Ash the authority on Internet trading this is a "how to do it" book for corporate executives and entrepreneurs on how to make your business thrive online.

The BIG Book of E-commerce Answers

"The ultimate book for those wishing to turn a website into a money machine"

Key Management Questions

"The ultimate thinking book for General Managers and Senior Executives"

Tom's books are increasingly successful globally and he serves a comprehensive international audience. English language versions of his books are sold all over the world. His books have been published in serial form in the Korean, Spanish and Australian press and in spite of their practical approach and straight forward language are used in Universities from Illinois to Beijing.

His books have featured in the Schwartz Business Books 'Top 25' (USA) as well as the Executive Book Club 'Top 10' (UK) and at numbers 15 and 16 in The 'Business Top 50' (Germany). Four of his books have been awarded the Waterstone's Rosette as "essential to any business and social science library".

Client Comments

In international business conferences in most parts of the world Tom has "demonstrated a unique ability to build a direct and exhilarating relationship with an audience no matter how large. His knowledge is encyclopaedic and his comments pithy and practical. He has won, and deserves the title of "the world's friendliest guru" without losing a rare capability not merely to make his audiences think, but to act."

Michael J. Cox

"Tom Lambert, a sharp-eyed management consultant, has seen the future ...and the advice is uniformly excellent"

Soundview Short Takes (USA)

We knew of course that Tom could do it. What we didn't know was that anyone could do it so well."

Chris Lacey, Sales and Marketing Director, General Motors (Europe)

"Tom Lambert revived the flagging interest too many of our members had in conferences and reawakened their excitement and enthusiasm."

Jim Morrell, Chairman, The American Association of Healthcare Consultants.

"Tom is the perfect role model for what he teaches and what he teaches is ethical influencing at its most effective."

Jackie Weis, Sales Director, Motorola Corporation Inc.

"Thank you so much for your superb presentation. You will be pleased to know I have received excellent feedback. You are a mine of information and have helped CAPD members to considerably improve their professional skills."

Alan Margolis - co-chair Corporate Association for Professional Development.

"…posting and MBA or PhD after one's name does little, but after reading a few of your columns I think it could be justly warranted that we place, after our names, "Read a number of Tom Lambert's essays".

Ronald Peterson, Wall Street guru and author of "When Venture Capitalists Say 'No'"

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