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Leadership Speaker Category

Leadership is not just management of people, but more about inspiring belief in others, motivation, delegation and trust. Use a leadership speaker at your next event and dispel the myth that only the fortunate few can be leaders. The ability is in everyone. .

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Paul Bennett Price range from £ 2000 - 4000

Paul Bennett has spoken internationally to business audiences around the world on the subjects of Leadership, Motivation, Team Synergy and Emotional Intelligence. The talks are based on his first hand knowledge and experience of leading successful teams in both sport and business. His keynote speeches are backed up with the ground-breaking research into sustained high performance. The visual images of his talks are unique, the lessons invaluable.

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Ian Berry Price range from £ 4000 - 7000

Ian has been a leader managerô for more than 30 years. He is currently the CEO of an International advisory practice. For the past 15 years he has been a professional speaker and strategy and execution advisor to business leaders, owners, and managers. He is the author of two books and a contributing author to two more. Ian is based in the UK and Australia. He spends about 20% of his time conducting research. His specialised area of expertise is in how to create harmony between the art and leadership and the science of management and how to lead and mange successfully at the same time.

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JohnBird MBE

Dr John Bird MBE Price range from £ 2000 - 4000

John Bird founded The Big Issue ltd London 13 years ago. Since then he has spread the business all over the world. The latest was a very successful launch of the Big Issue in Osaka and Tokyo John is one of the most inspiring speakers you will ever meet. "I have a lifetime of experience to draw upon. I was born into the underclass, made homeless at the age of seven, in prison by the time I was a teenager, slept rough on the streets of London, and from there went on to buying and selling products and services, and building businesses".

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Paul Bridle Price range from £ 4000 - 7000
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Trainer, business advisor, personal executive coach, key note speaker, and author. He has successfully set up and run a number of companies and has a wide range of experience in management of small and large organisations. His work is now devoted mainly to developing and training people to build successful organisations. His specialised area is in 'Leadership' where he has spent over 14 years researching the subject and developing training and coaching programmes. He has personally researched what makes a good leader and has taken time to understand the mindset of successful leaders.

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Marcus Buckingham Price range from £ 10000+
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In a world where efficiency and competency rule the workplace, where do personal strengths fit in? It's a complex question, one that intrigued Cambridge-educated Marcus Buckingham so greatly, he set out to answer it by challenging years of social theory and utilizing his nearly two decades of research experience as a Sr. Researcher at The Gallup Organization to break through the preconceptions about achievement and get to the core of what drives success.

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TimCollins OBE

Col. Tim Collins OBE Price range from £ 4000 - 7000
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Tim Collins was born in Belfast and educated in The Royal Belfast Academical Institution and Queen's University Belfast where he read Economics. He was commissioned into the Army in 1981 and joined the 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Rangers then serving in Berlin. After completing several operational tours of duty including Northern Ireland, the Falklands Islands and Cyprus, where he was an aide to the Chief of Staff in the UN in Cyprus, he served with 22 SAS including the first Gulf War and served as a staff officer for a short period in 1992 before attending the Army Command and Staff Course and gaining an MA.

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ArthurDenaro CBE

General Arthur Denaro CBE Price range from £ 4000 - 7000

Major General Arthur Denaro CBE was born in 1948 and raised in County Donegal. He was educated by Benedictine monks at Downside and commissioned from Sandhurst in 1968 into the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. The highlight of his 35 years as a soldier included commanding his Regiment in the War to Liberate of Kuwait. Arthur became Chief of Staff of 44,000 troops during the Balkans conflict (the troops were drawn from no less than 31 different nations and they had to operate in a particularly complex and often cruel environment).

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JohnDeverell CBE

Brig. John Deverell CBE Price range from £ 2000 - 4000

John has led soldiers at every level from troop to division and has had more than his share of controversial and challenging situations to deal with. Unusually he has served as a member of 4 regiments including Special Forces at various times and has had to make leadership work in widely differing contexts. He has worked under American and British command in the field, most recently in Iraq where he played a key part in disproving the pre-war intelligence on WMD.

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Tim Drake Price range from £ 4000 - 7000

Tim's first hand experience of building a retail business gives him added authority as an Inspirational Speaker and Chairman/Facilitator. He gives insights into the new role of work in society, how and why consumers feel and behave as they do, which could change your approach to your business. He also gives tools to benefit from it. His personal development book Wearing the Coat of Change is five star rated by Amazon, because it helps individuals be more proactive in generating income, and to be more fulfilled as human beings.

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Norman Drummond Price range from £ 2000 - 4000

As first Chair of the Community Action Network in Scotland, Norman has raised the funding and secured the appointments of 2 new CAN Directors enabling a further partnership in Social Entrepreneurship between Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise. Upon completion of his duties as BBC National Governor for Scotland he set up his own company, specialising in Facilitation and Mediation, Presentational Skills and Media Management as well as one to one Senior Executive Coaching. Since August 1999 he has successfully pioneered the Scottish office of The Change Partnership, the blue chip provider of one to one bespoke confidential coaching throughout almost half of the UK 100 FTSE.

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