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Contact us for help and advice on selecting the right motivational speaker for your event. Our keynote motivational speakers will inspire and challenge your delegates to think differently about themselves and the environment in which they operate. They will come away with new ideas and ambitions. .

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KrissAkabusi MBE

Kriss Akabusi MBE Price range from £ 7000 - 10000
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Ex Olympic athlete and TV personality Kriss Akabusi has been a well-recognised motivational speaker for over 10 years, presenting his FIT4Business speech to Blue Chip and FTSE companies at various corporate conferences. Kriss takes the audience on a journey from his life in a children's home and his career in the army and as a television personality using stories, anecdotes and humour. With his energetic and enthusiastic style, he teases out the importance of Focus, Innovation and Teamwork, which he relates to the business arena. Kriss's inspirational story is legendary and works well at the start of a conference to 'Fire-Up' the delegates or as an endnote, leaving the audience on a high, ready to deliver success in the arena.

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Alex Alley Price range from £ 2000 - 4000

Alex has just returned from competing in the ‘Global Challenge’ as Watch Leader on Team Stelmar. Dubbed ‘The Worlds Toughest Yacht Race’, it sails the ‘wrong’ way round the world against the prevailing winds and currents. Alex stepped in as a last minute replacement after the previous Watch Leader left just 2 days before leaving for the Southern Ocean. Alex took on a de-motivated and disillusioned watch and then had the job of converting them into an effective, high performing team. The watch included an eclectic mix including several, highly successful company directors. On top of all this, Alex had to deal with the trauma and emotional loss of not 1, but 2 crew due to medical evacuations around the notorious Cape Horn.

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John Amatt Price range from £ 7000 - 10000
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For over 30 years, John Amatt has led expeditions to remote regions of Northern Norway, Peru, Nepal, China, Greenland and has explored areas of the Arctic on six occasions, making many first ascents of previously unclimbed peaks. At the age of 20, John spent two weeks lashed to tiny ledges while making the first ever ascent of Europe's highest and steepest mountain precipice - the 5000 foot "Vertical Mile" Troll Wall in Norway.

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Jamie Andrew Price range from £ 2000 - 4000
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In January 1999 mountaineers Jamie Andrew and Jamie Fisher were trapped for five nights on the storm bound icy summit of a French mountain. Their rescue, which was one of the most dramatic in the history of the Alps, came only hours too late to save Fisher. Andrew, despite suffering hypothermia and appalling frostbite, survived. Days later all four of his hands and feet were amputated. For many this fate would have meant the end of all hope, but not for Jamie. Since losing his hands and feet he has learned to walk again, taken up skiing, run a marathon, and returned to climb once more in the mountains that he loves so much. Jamie Andrew's incredible story of determination and courage is nothing short of inspirational.

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Major Phil Ashby Price range from £ 2000 - 4000

Phil Ashby is a genuine hero. His autobiography 'Unscathed' rocketed into the bestseller list in 2004. To escape a desk job in London, he volunteered for a 6-month tour with the United Nations as a Peace Keeper in war-torn Sierra Leone (at the time the poorest country in the world). The mission was brought to a violent end when the rebels restarted the country's civil war. They turned on the UN's representatives, torturing and butchering them and taking over 500 hostages. Phil and three other Western soldiers found themselves cut off in a small compound in hostile territory, surrounded by rebels who taunted them by throwing the blood-stained uniforms of fellow UN workers over the walls.

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Louise Ashby Price range from £ POA
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Louise Ashby was born in Australia but grew up in London until the age of 21. Louise moved to Los Angeles to start her life a fresh and follow her dream of being an actress. This dream was shattered a mere three weeks after arriving in Hollywood. Louise was involved in what the authorities attest was to be the worst auto accident in Beverly Hills in thirty years. Her family were phoned and told to get on Concorde so that they may have a chance to say their goodbyes.

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Tom Avery Price range from £ 4000 - 7000
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On 26 April 2005, British mountaineer and polar explorer Tom Avery and his team set a new World Record as the fastest in history to reach the North Pole on foot. Tom Avery is the youngest Briton to walk to both poles. As one of only 38 people in history to have reached both the North and South Poles on foot, Tom Avery is quickly gaining the reputation as one of the UK’s leading young explorers, and, to quote The Sunday Times, "Avery is shaping up to join the ranks of such British immortals as Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dame Ellen MacArthur."

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SteveBackley OBE

Steve Backley OBE Price range from £ 4000 - 7000

After 7 Gold medals, a world record, two Olympic silver medals and one bronze, Steve Backley finally hung up his javelin at the Olympic Games in Athens this summer, showing he is still one of the world’s best by placing 4th in the final. Having retired from British Athletics after over a decade at the top of his field, the British Javelin No. 1 is concentrating on his corporate speaking career. Steve has an extremely down to earth attitude.

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TrevorBaylis OBE

Trevor Baylis OBE Price range from £ 4000 - 7000

In 1991, Trevor's gift for invention came into its own. Having seen a programme about the spread of AIDS in Africa, he set about developing the Wind Up Radio. His first working prototype ran for 14 minutes and in 1994 was featured on the highly rated Tomorrow's World TV programme. The product's potential was immediately recognised by corporate finance expert Christopher Staines and South African entrepreneur Rory Stear who acquired funding and the following year set up BayGen Power Industries in Cape Town employing disabled workers to manufacture the Freeplay Wind Up Radio.

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Jack Black Price range from £ 10000+
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A regular on the speaker circuit, Jack has delighted audiences throughout Britain and abroad and has addressed hundreds of major national and international companies on topics such as motivation, change, teamwork, entrepreneurial success and stress management. Jack is an extraordinary speaker whose unique and refreshing outlook inspires and motivates his audiences to make huge changes in their lives. His presentation style has been likened to a mixture of Billy Connolly and Billy Graham as he delivers his material in an easily accessible and entertaining format.

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