Shaun Smith, Team-Building workshop, Creating a high performance team, team building trainer, This workshop tackles the real issues surrounding people and their resistance to change. The participants will recognise the real barriers to change and make the necessary steps to create a culture that encourages change and enables people to deal with change. As a result of this session, participants will be able to plan how to create an environment that releases people?s potential.

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Creating High Performance Teams

Led by: Shaun Smith

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Who should attend:

Managers, Team and Project leaders.


2 Day course


This course is held on a High Performance Yacht accommodating 14 delegates. If held on land, a maximum of 20 delegates is recommended.


This programme can help organisations in two different ways:

build the effectiveness of an existing team that wants to raise its capability to deliver high impact results in changing and challenging circumstances.

develop overall internal capability in team building. This programme is ideally suited for managers/function heads who need to set up teams that are able to respond quickly to new opportunities or threats, internally or externally.

This programme is one of a series of management learning programmes pioneered by Shaun Smith in response to the growing number of organisations looking for innovative learning experiences that really enthuse their people and lead to significant changes in attitudes, behaviour and results.

Each programme is based on proven experiential learning techniques and is designed using the latest research into how adults learn most effectively. The learning takes place on high-performance yachts using programmes specifically designed to link the experience to key business challenges. Each programme however can be adapted to, or combined with, a more traditional workshop setting.

Topics / Content:

This programme is largely based around the key themes of awareness, conflict resolution, co-operation, productivity and separation. The programme sets out to challenge assumptions about team strengths and individual roles. It will also create opportunities for conflict to be acknowledged and confronted openly. Once these have been recognised, delegates will move through a series of exercises to promote better communication and cohesion and challenge all members to work to their greatest potential in achieving the team?s desired goals.

The programme is based around a five stage process based on Tuckman?s model of group development; forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. Each stage has a general theme that describes group activity and the developmental nature of the model requires that the theme activities be accomplished and problems resolved at each stage before movement to the next stage.


Delegates will:
understand the stages that teams go through and how to accelerate their progress
know how to manage conflict and co-operation to maximise team performance
learn how to create an environment where teams can flourish
create an action plan that transfers the learning to every day work.


As a bespoke course, the costs will depend on the details and length of the course.

Trainer Background:

Shaun Smith

Shaun is a leading expert in the field of customer experience, branding and organisational alignment. He is co-author of two books: Uncommon Practice which examines those companies that create exceptional customer experiences; and Managing the Customer Experience, which reveals how leaders can create the organisational capability to deliver an exceptional customer experience for their own company.

Shaun began his career in the airline industry, where he became Head of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Training worldwide for British Airways. He later moved to Hong Kong to head up Cathay Performa Consulting, where he specialised in training and customer service strategy.

He returned to the UK in the late 1990s as Senior Vice President, Europe for Forum Corporation, which is one of the world’s leading providers of workplace learning.

Over the last 20 years, he has led a wide range of management development programmes including leadership, customer experience, and organisational alignment. He has worked within a diverse range of sectors throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the US.

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