David Clutterbuck, Diversity Dialogue, Communication workshop, Understanding individual and cultural communication differences, Understanding the difference in the way and style that people communicate and like to be communicated to is the basis for this workshop.

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Diversity Dialogue

Led by: David Clutterbuck

To book this workshop, please
call us on +44 (0)845 257 0807
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Who should attend:

Board of directors, senior managers, team members


1 - 2 Day course


Minimum 10, maximum 18 recommended.


Helping people to learn how to communicate with people who are different to them.

Topics / Content:

What are we trying to achieve?
The business case

Some key concepts in communication
Situational communication
Communication style
Communication through expression, symbols and behaviour
Transactional versus relational communication

The importance of dialogue
Discussion, debate and dialogue (the 3 Ds)
An overview of dialogue
The seven levels of dialogue

The keys to learning dialogue
Managing the reality conversation
Managing the emotional conversation
Managing the identity conversation

What prevents people talking openly about diversity issues?
Barriers intrinsic and extrinsic

Creating the environment for diversity dialogue
Understanding stereotypes
Creating reflective space
Building rapport and trust
Creating opportunities for dialogue

The core skills of diversity dialogue
Permission to explore
Seeking understanding
Fearless questions
Analysing assumptions, behaviours and values
Achieving clarity
Finding the added value in difference

How will you make diversity dialogue happen?
Establishing personal and organisational learning goals
What support do you need from the organisation and from others?


Confidence and ability in talking to people from diverse backgrounds.


As this is a bespoke course, costs will depend on the content and duration.

Trainer Background:

David Clutterbuck

David is the author or co-author of 47 books on leading edge management themes (and one book of children's stories). He is the leading authority internationally on mentoring and on learning behaviours in teams.

He is an associate professor at International Management Centres, visiting professor at Sheffield Hallam University.

A serial entrepreneur, he leads one of the UK's larger employee communication companies, which he co-founded; and heads up his own company, an international human resources management consultancy. David is a lively, challenging speaker, always at the leading edge of management thinking. He engages audiences of all sizes with participative exercises and takes great pleasure in introducing a little constructive anarchy into normal conference proceedings. He draws on a wide fund of example and anecdote, mixing humour and seriousness.

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