Paul Bridle, Creating an Emmpowering Structure, Leadership Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Business Speaker, Trainer, business advisor, personal executive coach, key note speaker, author, Leadership workshop for the decision makers within an organisation.

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Creating an Empowering Structure

Led by: Paul Bridle

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Who should attend:

This session is aimed at the Directors, Senior and Middle Management in the organisation. The session is designed for the leader who is required to empower the people they lead.


This can be delivered in various ways depending on outcomes required.


Delegate numbers vary on the method of delivery.

Keynote from 30-3,000 people

A workshop can range from 10-50 people

A programme from 10 – 20 people


Participants will be able to:

Recognise the right way to empower and delegate to people, so as to gain the best results possible;

Measure their organisation or team against the best way to empower and delegate to people;

Develop an action plan to enable them to create an empowering structure;

Explain and implement an empowering structure in their organisation or team

Paul will tailor and cater the objectives for clients with specific issues or requiring specific outcomes relating to empowerment in an organisation.

Topics / Content:

Research has shown that a structure is needed before empowerment can begin and often an organisation’s lack of empowerment is related to its people’s lack of willingness to take ownership. People not wanting to take ownership is a symptom of management not knowing how to create a structure for empowerment and delegation to work effectively.

This session will look at the structure that successful organisations use to ensure that empowerment works in their business. Participants will be able to evaluate how effective their organisation is and the steps that they need to take in creating an empowering structure.

The session will cover the following topics:

Linking responsibilities to organisational objectives

Making standards relevant

Measuring performance without fear

Defining and living the culture

Ensuring that people have the knowledge and skills

Communication that works

Bringing innovation to the job


This workshop will enable participants to ensure that they can create the structure for empowerment to take place in their organisation. Participants that use the techniques in this session will be able to make significant improvements to ensuring that people are able to take ownership for their responsibilities. It also provides an excellent basis for planning and managing projects in an organisation.


Total workshop cost is £5500 + Vat per day.

Trainer Background:

Paul Bridle

Trainer, business advisor, personal executive coach, key note speaker, and author.

Paul was born in Zimbabwe and moved to England in the mid seventies. He has successfully set up and run a number of companies and has a wide range of experience in management of small and large organisations.

His work is now devoted mainly to developing and training people to build successful organisations. His specialised area is in 'Leadership' where he has spent over 14 years researching the subject and developing training and coaching programmes. He has personally researched what makes a good leader and has taken time to understand the mindset of successful leaders.

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