Phillip Khan-Panni, Master Public Speaking workshop, Business Trainer, Cross-cultural communication trainer, Public Speaking trainer, Business Speaker, Advanced Public Speaking course for experienced and semi-experienced public speakers to hone their existing skills to a professional degree.

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Master Public Speaking

Led by: Phillip Khan-Panni

To book this workshop, please
call us on +44 (0)845 257 0807
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Who should attend:

Directors/Senior Managers, business owners, sales professionals, Advertising/PR Executives, New Business developers, Lawyers, Accountants, Charity managers, experienced speakers, Toastmasters and anyone who wants to speak without fear, and in a way that makes others want to listen.


2 Day course (but can be reduced to an intensive single day)


Minimum 4, maximum 8 recommended . Also available as one-to-one coaching on request.


This course is designed to enable delegates to raise their speaking skills and make a mark on any conference or speaking event, by taking charge of the platform and connecting effectively with the audience. They will learn how to produce a workable first draft in 15 minutes, speak without notice or notes, improve their chances of success when presenting to persuade, and become masters, not slaves, of PowerPoint.

Topics / Content:

This course is as much about new thinking as about techniques. It includes:

Identifying your personal message

Understanding what you have to contribute

Hooks and other powerful openings

The fast route to drafting your speech

Spoken language v. written language

Words that work

Impromptu speaking

Speaking with conviction

Gestures and movement

Improving the sound of your voice

How to make a speech worth hearing

Developing a powerful platform presence

Speaking to camera, with positive feedback

How to listen to another speaker


Total course fee is 5,000 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Phillip Khan-Panni

Phillip Khan-Panni is one of the UK's top Business Communications Consultants, and a proven master of succinct communication, both spoken and written. In addition, he is an expert in clear cross-cultural communication, regularly coaching top business leaders and diplomats. He speaks knowledgeably and interestingly about effective communication, about direct marketing and about customer relationship management (CRM) from a non-technical point of view. In addition, he is in demand as a meetings moderator and master of ceremonies.

He's one of the finest speakers in Britain, and has won more public speaking contests than anyone in Europe, becoming UK Public Speaking Champion seven times, Anglo-Irish champion three times, and World Silver Medallist at San Diego in 1995, a record so far unequalled in Britain.

He is the author of five books (see below). One recent reviewer wrote: "Khan-Panni writes with power and passion about putting power and passion into your public speaking and presentations. The ideas teem, the pace is fast and, above all, the writer has been there, got it wrong, worked out why and moved on."

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