Fiona Campbell, Believe and Achieve workshop, Business Trainer, Business Performance Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Motivational workshop. This workshop tackles common issues such as low staff morale, stress, resistance to change within the business environment.

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Believe and Achieve

Led by: Fiona Campbell

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Who should attend:

This motivational and professional development workshop is aimed at all levels within an organisation as it can be used to address specific company issues such as low morale, resistance to change and all the many variables found in the workplace today


1 Day course


Minimum 10, maximum 20 recommended


To introduce people to the concept of personal responsibility and demonstrate how attitude, thoughts, beliefs and actions can positively or negatively affect professional and personal life, health and well-being

Topics / Content:

The power of beliefs and how you are getting exactly what you think NOW.
Learn deep relaxation techniques
Self talk and how it affects us
Release limiting beliefs
Boost your morale
Overcome fears
Identify and achieve professional goals
Improve your confidence and self esteem
Gain more energy and have better health
Take control of your life
Learn to really enjoy what you do


This workshop can lay the foundation to develop a happier, healthier, more productive & successful workforce.

The workshop will teach delegates techniques to help them grow and develop while making positive changes in their lives, the lives of the people around them and their professional career.

By supporting and encouraging individuals to continuously develop and unlearn limiting beliefs the results can literally be life changing. The first stage, however, is to create in the individual a desire to learn and change. When this desire becomes a commitment, then lasting change is possible.


Total Course fee is 1600 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Fiona Campbell

Fiona is one of the most sought after Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Business Performance Coaches in the UK. Working alongside Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill on their NLP and Hypnosis courses in London, Fiona is known as a Coach and Hypnotherapist who motivates and gets results

Fiona believes that companies would have to address the important link between attitude and health in response to raising absenteeism, job dissatisfaction and high staff turnover. Flexibility, accepting change and the ability to take personal responsibility for continuing development is now a fact in the successful companies of today. Her philosophy is to teach people techniques that are easy to use and introduce them to ways of thinking that will help them to help themselves.

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