John Donnelly, Dispelling Management Mistruths, Business Speaker, Business trainer, Communication Specialist, Team Building Trainer, Executive coach, A frank, honest and fun workshop aimed at senior figures within an organisation. It is designed to make the delegates get to grips with issues that they have to face, and communicate solutions in a functional and practical manner.

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Dispelling Management Mistruths

Led by: John Donnelly

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More Ah-Ha moments than you can shake a stick at!

Who should attend:

CEO's, Directors and senior managers. Only those with a sense of humour and a desire to make a lot more than incremental improvements in their organisations.


1 Day course


Minimum 10, maximum 20 recommended.


Provide you with the Winning Thinking Strategies from inside the heads of the very, very best people in Europe . To give you the answers to the toughest business issues like¡K

How to intuitively make the right decisions

How motivate even the most difficult team members

How to displace even the biggest, best and most aggressive competitors

How to select the right people

A key objective is that you ¡§never learn with your own money¡¨ because from John¡¦s research you learn what made certain individuals highly successful, whilst others, with the same qualifications, IQ and capability are just ordinary achievers.

After ten years peering inside the heads of the best brains in the Europe John has many of the answers.

Topics / Content:

You chose the mix that is right for you from John's outstanding work in these key areas

The Sales Wizards ¡V why and how they always win¡K

how to get to the highest corporate levels and win their trust and rapport

how to knock out even entrenched suppliers

how to steer your way through the client¡¦s corporate politics

how to get commitment from even the feint hearted

Big Little Leaders ¡V the motivational secrets of the best

5 questions that generate lasting loyalty

why Mission Statements don¡¦t work ¡V but what does!

the very weird time management techniques of the best


More Ah-Ha Moments than you can shake a stick at ¡Kand great ideas that you can implement immediately on your return.

Great techniques that work and they stick!

Easy implementation because you learn lots, laugh lots and get John¡¦s special ¡¥Drag & Drop¡¦ CD-ROM. You can use this CD-ROM to sell the techniques to other colleagues ¡Kand then pull down the rich resource library in PowerPoint, Excel & Word format.

Each workshop is tailored for the client ¡ is the CD-ROM.


Total course fee is £2700 + Vat plus the costs of the CD-ROM.

Trainer Background:

John Donnelly

John is an inspirational presenter, author, mastermind, guru: these are some of the words used to describe the man who has spent many years scrutinising the very best leaders, managers, teams, sales and marketing people in the UK.

'Intuitive Modelling' is the area of his work that John is most enthusiastic about. "At last we can start to identify the winning thinking strategies of the very best people and how they make great business and personal decisions." In the last four years John's Intuitive Modelling research has covered: -

. Leading & Building a Super Team, how to create the magic

Thirty five stunning bosses who got the right performance from the wrong people and.

How they developed their 'natural authority'

Ways to transform loyalty and motivation

Getting real commitment to vision and plans

. Big Little Leaders - stunning performance from leaders who were getting the right performance from the wrong staff, made great intuitive decisions and coped with an overwhelming task list.

. The Sales Wizards, why and how they always win.

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