John Fraser Robinson, CRM workshop, Strategies for developing quality customer service systems, Business Trainer, Defining the strategies for an organisations approach to CRM and customer service.

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It's all about Customers

Led by: John Fraser-Robinson

To book this workshop, please
call us on +44 (0)845 257 0807
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Who should attend:

All board directors considering Customer-centric business planning or implementing or reviewing Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


1 day, 2 days or longer interactive workshop for business leaders


This will be dependant on the number of board level directors within the organisation.


Interactive session for board members who are re-thinking or reviewing corporate strategy. It can also be tailored to senior marketing groups. The level of interactivity required determines whether this is a one day, two day or longer event. It has been used very successfully by several companies to shape new corporate strategies and devise the implementation plan. In these cases a complete ?away week? was taken by the operating boards. Gruelling, challenging and incredibly stimulating!

Topics / Content:

Topics are tailored to the business and sector involved but often popular are:

Why CRM causes problems and how to overcome them
The Death of the Middle Manager
Granular Corporate structures ? lean and clean
The Internet re-shaping business
The Customer of the Future
2020 Vision ? getting back to long term corporate values in a short term world
How can you use organisational structure to boost sales?
Which corporate culture simultaneously improves employee motivation and boosts Customer loyalty?


As a bespoke course, the costs will depend on the details and length of the course.

Trainer Background:

John Fraser-Robinson

The Master of Customer Relationship Management

John is an international Marketing and Management Consultant and an acknowledged authority in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), marketing, direct marketing, advertising and Customer-centred activity around the world.

As a speaker John has worked in most major countries in the world and is a regular in many from as far afield as Iceland to Australia and New Zealand.

His presentations range from motivational or inspirational conference keynote speeches at corporate or national conferences to strategic seminars and workshops for management. Clients for whom John has worked include many major corporations, national marketing associations and institutes and organisations such as the famous Million Dollar Round Table in the US. His basic courses on CRM, marketing (and direct marketing particularly) have had over 55,000 delegates internationally.

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