Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, Customer Relationship Management workshop, Key factors for Customer loyalty, Customer Service Trainer, Areas covered in this workshop include customer loyalty techniques, securing repeat business from clients, and improving service to existing and new clients.

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Customer Relationship Management

Led by: Prof. Colin CoulsonThomas

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Some companies are much more successful than others at building mutually beneficial and more intimate and profitable relationships with customers. Learn critical success factors for locking customers in and securing repeat business; forging key a

Who should attend:

Customer relations, customer service, sales and marketing, and contact centre directors and managers and their teams. Ambitious entrepreneurs, boards and/or management teams with a desire to build more productive, intimate, mutually rewarding and profitable relationships with customers.


1 and 2 Day courses are available. Half-day, evening and weekend options are also available for busy


Dependent upon the number of people for whom the programme is relevant. The approach adopted will reflect the number of attendees and nature of their interests and needs. A workshop could be organised for a specific customer relationship or key-accounts team, or the whole community of people within a company who are either responsible for or engaged in building better and closer relationships with customers.


To help participants build more productive, intimate, mutually rewarding and profitable relationships with customers, by sharing critical success factors for important activities such as winning more business from existing customers, building more effective and beneficial strategic and key account relationship; servicing and communicating with customers; partnering and collaboration.

Topics / Content:

The course compares the approaches of companies that succeed at building more productive, intimate, mutually rewarding and profitable relationships with customers (winners) with those that struggle and fail (losers) to highlight the critical success factors for important activities such as pricing, partnering and servicing customers, communicating with them and locking them in.

Topics covered will include:

Building relationships with customers and winning business

Key account and strategic customer relationships

Importance of customer service

Customer service as a differentiator

Pricing - Charging for customer service

Identifying customer requirements

Bespoking responses

Exploiting know-how to create new offerings and support services

New ways of working and providing customer service

Customer service processes and practices

Support tools for sales, customer relations and contact centre staff

E-business customer service solutions

Helping customers to understand and buy

Building partnering relationships

With appropriate briefing a bespoke course could address problems likely to be faced by a particular customer relationship, key-account, management or sales and marketing team.


Participants will understand how the most successful companies build close, profitable and mutually beneficial relationships with customers by:

Identifying and responding to customer issues and requirements.
Creating, differentiating and pricing customer service.
Communicating with customers and helping them to understand and buy;
Partnering and productive collaboration.
Building effective teams of relationship and key account managers.
Making effective use of wining approaches and relevant support tools.
Capturing and sharing best practice and the approaches of ?superstars?
Concentrating upon critical success factors for forging more intimate and mutually rewarding relationships.


As a bespoke course, the costs will depend on the details and length of the course.

Trainer Background:

Prof. Colin CoulsonThomas

Colin is a Professor of Corporate Transformation. He is a leader and co-ordinator and has served on the boards of publishing and trading companies as well as the governing bodies of many representative, professional, learned and voluntary institutes, societies and associations

He has worked with over forty boards on various activities to improve board and corporate performance and holds visiting appointments at Aston Business School , the Judge Institute of Cambridge University and the IT Institute of Salford University . He is also a member of, inter alia, the European Commission`s Team Europe, the board of Community Network, the Advisory Boards of the Home Office Partnership and the Forum for Technology in Training, the Council of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee and the Professional Development Committee of the IOD.

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