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How to handle the Media

Led by: Michael Dodd

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Who should attend:

Directors and Senior Managers.


1 - 2 Day course


Minimum 4, maximum 12 recommended.


How to Handle the Media will give you a battery of tips to enable you to respond to media inquiries with aplomb.

It will show you how to get on the front foot with the media, to enable you to initiate positive coverage - for your firm, your clients and yourself.

Topics / Content:

It demonstrates:

* How to prepare yourself for interactions with the media and how to adapt the
presentation of your material differently for use on radio, television, newspapers and magazines.

* How to go into media interviews - including live ones - with confidence.

* How to remain composed while standing up to hostile devil's advocate style questioning.

* How to manage the media when stories are running against you.

* How the media decides what's news and how journalists formulate interview questions.

* Try out different approaches in front of the microphone - and have your media performance critiqued.

* Learn to understand how the media operate through participation
in a mock media conference allowing you to take on the role of the journalist and to write it up the way a reporter would.

* Write a press release and have it reviewed.

* Learn how to turn your firm's activities into positive news stories that enhance reputations and attract more business.


1 day course - 500 + Vat per delegate. 2 day course - 800 + Vat per delegate.

Trainer Background:

Michael Dodd

Michael Dodd is best know to British audiences for his twice-weekly paper reviews on Sky News and his frequent appearances on BBC radio and television. As a broadcaster and journalist he is used to asking tough questions - and having to answer them live on air.

As a media trainer he utilises this experience to demonstrate how to get your message across in media interviews - regardless of how hostile the questioning may be. Michael has trained a range of business people, civil servants and activists on how to get the best out of encounters with the media.

Michael Dodd lectures in broadcast journalism at the University of Westminster. He runs a number of post-graduate and undergraduate courses dealing with presentation skills, broadcast news reporting, interviewing, programme making and documentary production. He's a practising journalist who files TV and radio reports for international broadcasters and is frequently interviewed on British and global programmes.

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