Graham Jones, Future Thinking and Planning workshop, equip managers and leaders with the tools to manage future change, This workshop will help you develop a visionary attitude so you can plan ahead, be a better leader and build a forward thinking team.

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Future Thinking and Forward Planning

Led by: Graham Jones

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Who should attend:

This is a one-day workshop suitable for all managers, executives and company directors. It is especially useful for those who wish to improve their leadership.


1 Day course


Each workshop is for a minimum of six people, but can be for groups as large as 16.


This workshop will help you develop a visionary attitude so you can plan ahead, be a better leader and build a forward thinking team.

Develop foresight and learn how to think and plan ahead.

This is an essential workshop for all managers. Management is about planning ahead, forecasting and predicting outcomes. Yet, most managers are never taught how to do that.

Topics / Content:

This workshop, run by futurist psychologist Graham Jones, helps you develop the ability to think in the future tense. You will discover:

How to develop a clear vision of the future How to work out future human behaviour How to think ahead more clearly How to plan ahead with foresight
How to develop the right strategy


The course will help you ensure that your future will:

Avoid errors Reduce workload Increase productivity
Improve business relationships


495 + Vat per delegate.

Trainer Background:

Graham Jones

Most people exist in the present - yet entrepreneurs, visionaries and people who inspire us, think constantly about the future. They have this seemingly natural ability to plan ahead. But it is an ability which can be learned - Graham Jones will show you how with his motivational talks and inspirational workshops

Professional speaker Graham Jones will help you develop the skills you need to have foresight so you can think in the future tense. With his blend of magic, audience participation, psychology and wit, he motivates audiences to stop living in the present and move forward. You can listen to Graham give inspirational speeches at conferences and seminars. Or you can join one of his workshops where he helps you develop future thinking. Whether you want to improve your leadership, your team building or your business planning, Graham Jones can help.

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