Prof. Tom Lambert, Boardroom Briefings, workshop, Business Trainer, These boardroom briefings will comprise of issues that are of concern and interest to the business leaders within an organisation.

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Boardroom Briefings

Led by: Prof. Tom Lambert

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Who should attend:

Board Level Directors.


Half Day course


Dependent on number of board level directors.


Professor Tom Lambert offers half-day boardroom briefings, on all the subjects of his seminars and master classes. In addition to the following:

Offshore outsourcing ? the profit and pitfalls of Business Process Outsourcing

The markets of China and South East Asia

Establishing and sustaining Market Dominance

Getting the most from consultants and other advisors


Total course fee is 2000 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Prof. Tom Lambert

Tom has held senior international marketing, executive and organizational development positions with blue chip corporations and has lectured at universities worldwide. He mentors top executives and serves as advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors for a major European bank in addition to holding non-executive directorships.

As a consultant, Tom offers strategic advice to major corporations to enable them to develop ethical global dominance strategies. He also conducts training workshops in the fields of consultancy process as well as ethical sales and marketing based on customer and client psychology.

Tom Lambert has enthralled and enthused audiences throughout the English-speaking world. He is an international author, broadcaster, consultant, trainer, conference speaker and business journalist who is called, in America, "the world's friendliest guru". In Europe and Southern Africa, Australasia and the USA his books and seminars have led him to be known to the quality business press, as "the consultant's consultant". He has built his global reputation and status by practising what he preaches.

He is recognised globally for his insights into strategic and tactical action, particularly in the field market dominance through "bricks" or "clicks" alone or a fully integrated strategy online or off. He is an advocate of building the personal brand and fast sustainable results. As a business psychologist working in a business world in which youth is held in exaggerated esteem he has researched, tested and written major works on rejuvenation.

Tom has been the recipient of numerous international business honours. He has managed consultancies and other businesses, large and small in Europe as well as the USA.
In November 2002 leading members of the consultancy profession gave a lunch in his honour in recognition of his unique contributions to the profession.

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