Prof. Colin Coulson Thomas, Competing and Winning Development Programme, Business strategy workshop, Build a more successful and profitable company. Learn how leading companies successfully manage change, compete and win. Discover how ?superstars? operate. Critical success factors for vital activities such as winning business, building customer relationships and creating and exploiting know-how Learn key lessons from the approaches and practices of over 2,000 companies. Find out why some enterprises are so much more successful than others. Discover what winners do differently. Create a bespoke programme to address your company?s particular known deficiencies.

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Competing and Winning Development Programme

Led by: Prof. Colin CoulsonThomas

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Who should attend:

Ambitious boards and/or management teams who would like to transform their companies? prospects. The programme will benefit directors and managers who would like to learn how to identify key areas to focus upon and successfully manage change, compete and win. Additional staff could be invited to particular modules of the programme dealing with areas for which they are responsible.


1-2 Day course would be typical. Depending upon the number and combination of modules selected a pro


Dependent upon the number of people for whom the programme is relevant. The minimum number of delegates should embrace key players. Video links to multiple locations have been used to accommodate larger numbers.


To equip key players responsible for business development and delivering corporate performance with an understanding of what they need to do to adopt winning (and avoid losing) approaches in areas vital for competitive success. The programme will address known areas of deficiency, show what ?superstars? and successful companies do differently, and present critical success factors for competing and winning.

Topics / Content:

The topics to be covered can be selected from the list of possible modules below. You can design your own Masterclass or a Workshop programme by assembling a combination of the modules to address your particular board and/or management team?s development needs. Each module - drawing upon a continuing investigation involving over 2,000 companies - contrasts and compares the approaches of companies that excel at the activity in question (winners) with those of companies that struggle and fail (losers) to highlight critical success factors for competing and winning. If required, delegates can be given opportunities during each module of the course to assess specific areas of corporate activity and address particular problems.

Available modules include:
Setting the Scene (Introduction)
Learning from best practice

Critical success factors for competing and winning

Providing Strategic Direction

The strategic opportunity

The key contribution of the board and senior management team

Understanding the Business Environment
Issue monitoring and management

Understanding the company?s marketplace

Changing aspirations of customers/employees

Matching individual and corporate aspirations

Establishing stakeholder requirements

Establishing a corporate vision, goals and strategic objectives

Assessing the gap between aspiration and achievement

Providing Strategic Leadership

Leading effective teams

Creating an effective board

Good Corporate Governance

Understanding the distinction between direction and management

Selecting and Developing Directors

Building an effective boardroom team

Attracting and engaging good customers, business partners and talented people

Identifying areas in which it may be possible to be unique, special or different

Creating New Commercial Offerings

Challenging assumptions and identifying opportunities

Creating new options and choices

Packaging what you know - crafting new knowledge-based offerings

Winning Business

Winning competitive Bids

Creating successful proposals

Pricing for profit

Increasing prices and margins

Justifying a premium price

Building Customer Relationships

Managing strategic and key accounts

Working with customers and locking them in

Customer Service

Benefiting from customer service as a business opportunity

Building service relationships

Process Improvement, Re-engineering and Transformation

Opportunity seeking and goal setting

Selecting the right approach

Analysing and redesigning processes

Implementing and evaluating process simplification, improvement and re-engineering

Change Management
Managing change

Achieving successful corporate transformation

Corporate Communications
Effective internal and external communication

Communicating for change

New Ways of Working
Assessing new ways of working and new models of operation

Introducing More Flexible Patterns of Work

Corporate Learning
Integrating learning and working

Creating a corporate learning strategy

Knowledge Management and Exploitation

Knowledge entrepreneurship (making money from what you know)

Capturing and sharing the expertise of superstars

Workgroup Productivity
Using job support tools to transform key workgroup performance

Quality, Business Excellence and Entrepreneurship
Creating a more entrepreneurial corporate culture

Operating in the International Marketplace
Skills and approaches for effective international operation

Collaboration and Partnering
Building effective business partnerships

Partnering with customers, suppliers, consultants and business schools

IT and eBusiness
Getting the infrastructure right

Supporting the network organisation

Next Steps
Formulating and implementing an action programme.


Struggling companies often devote great effort and perform well in areas that are not critical to competitive success. Delegates will:

learn how leading companies focus upon critical success factors for vital activities such as winning business and successfully compete and win;
find out why some enterprises are so much more successful than others;
discover how ?superstars? operate and what winners do differently;
learn key lessons from the approaches and practices of over 2,000 companies;
assess the extent to which key groups are behaving as winners or losers;
identify approaches and behaviours that need to change to if they and their colleagues are to build a more successful and profitable company; and
have an opportunity to address particular known deficiencies of approach.


As a bespoke course, the costs will depend on the details and length of the course.

Trainer Background:

Prof. Colin CoulsonThomas

Colin is a Professor of Corporate Transformation. He is a leader and co-ordinator and has served on the boards of publishing and trading companies as well as the governing bodies of many representative, professional, learned and voluntary institutes, societies and associations

He has worked with over forty boards on various activities to improve board and corporate performance and holds visiting appointments at Aston Business School , the Judge Institute of Cambridge University and the IT Institute of Salford University . He is also a member of, inter alia, the European Commission`s Team Europe, the board of Community Network, the Advisory Boards of the Home Office Partnership and the Forum for Technology in Training, the Council of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee and the Professional Development Committee of the IOD.

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