Sue Stockdale, Individual Executive Coaching, Strategy, Performance Optimization, Executive Trainer, This individual coaching is for executives who wish to turn strategy into action.

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Executive Coaching

Led by: Sue Stockdale

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Who should attend:

Anyone who is required to create strategy and ensure that it is turned into action. It will also benefit managers who have responsibility for optimising the performance of others.




Individual coaching.


Coaching develops excellence in people and is a process that focuses on the future. It works to help executives to find practical ways forward and create new opportunities that are not dependent on past experiences or limiting beliefs. It originally began in the sports arena and was introduced into business by Performance Consultants over 20 years ago to deliver improved business performance.

Sue Stockdale regularly works with Managing Directors, Senior Managers and entrepreneurs to help them achieve improved performance. She ensures that individuals leave her sessions with more enthusiasm, passion AND with a greater sense of commitment to change.

Topics / Content:

Coaching works by building clarity and focus to deliver on specified goals. Typically clients feel as though they have achieved a breakthrough to create a dramatic improvement in their quality of life with benefits extending from career progression, business performance and personal wellbeing through to professional relationships.

Sue is a trained executive coach and uses psychometric instruments or 360 degree feedback where appropriate with clients. Working with Sue offers the invaluable opportunity to explore new ways of thinking, reflect on strengths and experience, challenge the status quo and achieve an enhanced way of being.

Sessions are face to face or by telephone and typically between 1 ? 2 hours in duration. The sessions are supported by exercises or actions for the client to carry out between the coaching meetings as appropriate.


Sessions are charged at 650 per 2 hour session plus travel expenses + VAT.

Trainer Background:

Sue Stockdale

The first British Woman to walk to the Magnetic North Pole

Sue Stockdale is more than an adventurer; she's a highly motivated achiever who has proved herself as adept in business as she has in conquering the extremes of the North Pole.
Sue is the First British Woman to walk the Magnetic North Pole in 1996, surviving temperatures of -40C and pulling 60lbs of equipment for twelve hours a day. She has known fear and overcome it. She has encountered seemingly impossible odds and overcome them and through her experiences she has learnt how one can turn desperation into determination.

By profession, Sue is a successful training consultant, specialising in business and management improvement. She is renowned for her exceptional organisational skills and performance consulting - all of which have been of significant benefit to the large number of companies that have employed her.

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