Paul McGee, How To Deliver An Outstanding Presentation, workshop to develop presentation skills, This workshop is for anyone wishing to develop their abilities for giving business and public presentations.

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How To Deliver An Outstanding Presentation

Led by: Paul McGee

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call us on +44 (0)845 257 0807
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Who should attend:

Anyone who is required to give presentation both internal and / or external to the organisation.


2 Day course


Minimum 10, maximum 20 recommended.


This two day course will be extremely interactive in nature and will include the opportunity to make formal and informal presentations. Coaching and feedback will be given throughout to each individual. Delegates will learn through ‘doing’, and the environment created by the trainer aims to be both supportive and relaxed.

Discover how to structure a presentation for maximum impact.
How to communicate ideas, information and insights in a memorable and persuasive way
Know everything there is to know about planning and preparation.
Develop proven ways to boost your confidence and reduce anxiety before making a presentation.

Topics / Content:

Five steps to outstanding presentations will be focused on:

Preparing your content
Knowing your audience
Preparing yourself
Maximising the Impact

Handling questions
Pre-Course Work

Please prepare a talk on a topic that interests you. This can be work or non-work related and should last up to 10 minutes.

You will need to bring this material along to the course on either overhead projector transparencies or on disc as a PowerPoint presentation.

These presentations will not take place until the second day and the emphasis will be on enhancing your skills and not to make people feel intimidated. There will be plenty of support and coaching on-hand.


£550 + Vat per delegate.

Trainer Background:

Paul McGee

Paul’s main aim is to help people S.U.M.O. - Shut Up, Move On® whilst having plenty of fun in the process. Rather than focus on problems, Paul works with organisations to help their people tackle and overcome many of the challenges of living and working in the 21st century.

If change is constantly on your agenda, then you won’t want to miss ‘The S.U.M.O.® Guide to Succeeding in a Changing World’. If you are facing increased pressure, he’ll show you ‘Strategies on Stress’ and if you want to build better relationships, then you will benefit from Paul’s presentation on ‘How To Handle, Not Strangle Difficult People’. Finally, if you want to win and retain more customers, then you have to hear Paul speak on ‘Absolutely M.A.D. for Customers’.

Every presentation Paul delivers is tailored to meet your organisations individual requirements. Drawing on his vast personal experience of working in seventeen countries to date, he delivers expert advice, combined with large doses of humour and practical insights to ensure your audience has a memorable, motivational ‘moving on’ experience.

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