Rick Wemmers, Defeating The Demon of Call Reluctance in Sales Forces, Increasing cold call levels and closing ratios, All sales people at sometime experience a lack of confidence and motivation in approaching prospective clients for business. This workshop will help overcome these initial doubts, by demonstrating techniques used by experienced professional sales people.

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Defeating The Demon of Call Reluctance in Sales Forces

Led by: Rick Wemmers

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Increasing cold call levels and closing ratios.

Who should attend:

All sales professionals within the organisation.


1.5 Day course


Minimum 12, maximum 20 recommended.


When a salesperson is hesitant to initiate contact with prospective buyers he/she is less likely to realize their full potential for success. This hesitancy is call Sales Call Reluctance.

Over 25 years of in-depth research, in many industries and several countries has clearly identified twelve distinct types of Call Reluctance behavior. This ‘demon’ affects every type of sales person from beginners to the most seasoned, especially in those companies whose sales force must make cold prospect calls. Full selling productivity is reduced with excuses and substitution of “non-productive” behavior.

Virtually every sales force has Call Reluctance and the sooner it is identified, the sooner it can be eliminated which virtually always leads to significant company sales revenues increases.

Topics / Content:

This one and a half day training session includes:

Benchmarking current levels of prospecting
Establishing goals for new prospecting success
Recognizing and understanding Call Reluctance
Individual sales behavior testing and analysis
Introduction of corrective prospecting techniques
There is nothing like this training anywhere in the world!

Client companies can expect the following benefits of this training:

Increased sales revenues
Reduction in sales force turnover
Improved leadership of sales management
Improved morale and self-esteem
Improved quality of sales force
Positive results are guaranteed!


Delegate fee is £850.00 plus Vat.

Trainer Background:

Rick Wemmers

Rick has 27-years experience as a business development veteran and nationally recognized expert at helping companies see and capture NEW opportunities for sales and profits. He knows how to build and maintain a stronger "selling sense" in any company.

Rick has worked with clients in more than 50 different industries and companies from Fortune 50 to very small technology startups. He knows how to sell anything!

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