Michael Bland, Energy for Life, a workshop for anyone who wants to have more energy and fun, A workshop to help you and your colleagues; Have more energy Understand yourself better Improve self worth Perform more effectively Reduce stress levels Get more fun and reward out of life, work and relating to others

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Energy for Life

Led by: Michael Bland

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Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to have more energy and fun.


1 - 2 Day course


Minimum 15, maximum 40 recommended.



‘Whatever You’re On, Can I Have Some?’ Why do some people always seem to have the energy and ability to relish their life, work and relationships while others always feel that things are on top of them and there is ‘something missing’?

This workshop will show you how to look at your life, your job and relationships from a different angle, how to feel more on top of things, and how to have more energy. With more personal power, we are able to feel less stressed, to find life more fun, to be physically and emotionally healthier, and to be more in touch with our own guiding forces.


Energy for Life! takes a radically different approach from the usual types of personal development courses. People are treated as intelligent adults with complete freedom to participate as much or as little as they want. The tuition will help you to benefit at whatever level you choose and feel comfortable with – from the highly spiritual to the totally down-to-earth and practical. There are no trendy gimmicks like fire walking, compulsory shoulder massages or new age music. Instead we talk, think, laugh - and stretch our brains and learn to look at life from fascinating and challenging new angles. You have only to look at the following feedback from previous participants to see the outstanding success of this approach.

Topics / Content:

Problems in Perspective: A look at the things that give us stress, pain and hassle. Why do we get them? What can they teach us? What can we do about them?

Understanding Ourselves and Others: A light-hearted but informative look at what we are made of, how we function, why we do what we do. An understanding of body, mind and spirit - and their inter-connection. Achieving an understanding of how we relate to other people - how to improve those relationships and not be dominated by them.

Personal Power: Techniques to give us more energy – and in the process to feel more fulfilled, to achieve more in life...and to have fun doing it!

What Next? A look at the many activities, courses, books etc for further development. What can we do next to get more out of life, work and relationships - and to put more into them ourselves?


People with more energy, self awareness and a philosophical approach to life suffer less stress and are healthier and more able to enjoy every aspect of their lives - including work. They tend to be more balanced, physically healthier and more able to get on with others.


Total course fee is £3000 + Vat for 1 day course. Total course fee is £4800 + Vat for 2 day course.

Trainer Background:

Michael Bland

A dynamic, charismatic and immensely entertaining speaker on how to communicate brilliantly and have more energy

A top international speaker, author of 13 text books and two popular humour titles. Michael is a communication guru, master of energy and a black belt kick-boxer. Michael was an Army survival instructor before reaching the top of the public relations world as a consultant, trainer and former corporate communications head of the Institute of Directors and Ford Motor Company Limited.

He combines his skills as a world class communication consultant with a wealth of experience in human energy, natural healing and meditation techniques to show people how to have more energy, reduce stress and get more fun and fulfilment from life, work and relationships.

After leaving the army he worked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a sales manager for Reuters. After five years in finance and financial journalism he set up and ran the first PR activity for the Institute of Directors and played a key role in putting it on the map. He then spent six years as head of government relations and corporate public affairs for Ford Motor Company Limited before becoming an independent consultant in 1984.

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