Jenny Knight, Leadership Principles workshop, Everything you ever needed to know about how to lead and manage people for results, This workshop has been designed for managers to learn and develop leadership skills, in order to work in harmony with their staff.

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Leadership Principles

Led by: Jenny Knight

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Everything you ever needed to know about how to lead and manage people for results

Who should attend:

Senior, middle or first line managers who want to learn or re-learn what it is to be an inspiring and successful leader / manager


2 day course


Minimum 10, maximum 20 recommended.


The programme has been designed to give you to the opportunity to

• reflect on your role as a leader/manager , and the context within which you are operating
• learn some theories/models relating to leadership and management, and how these apply to you and your situation
• practice some key skills to support you in your management role
• consider your own strengths and areas for development and develop a personal action plan

Topics / Content:

• The nature and history of organisational life
• Leadership v management
• Leading change
• Managing performance
• The leader as a communicator
• Leadership and learning
• Leading in the Moment
• Dynamic problem solving for managers and leaders
• Personal reflection/personal action planning


By the end of the two day programme participants will

• Have learned about the nature and history of organisational life
• Understand the differences between leadership and management and why both are essential for organisational success
• Know what it is difficult to make change happen in organisations, and how to overcome the obstacles
• Have learned about how organisations communicate and practiced key communication skills necessary for leading change and managing performance
• Understand what their responsibilities are for the development of a learning culture
• Know what constitutes effective problem solving, and will have practiced this
• Have developed a personal action and development plan


Total course fee is £3000 + Vat

Trainer Background:

Jenny Knight

Jenny works with a variety of organisations in both the public and private sectors, nationally and internationally. For example, recent work includes designing a performance management programme for Nestle (Paris office) and providing ‘train the trainer’ programmes, delivering a change management programme for a cohort of colleges across the South East of England; working with a team of people responsible for a major community regeneration initiative (funded by Central Government), to introduce a training and development strategy and plan, and co-tutoring on a 5 day ‘Leadership and Empowerment’ programme (in Casablanca) for 32 managers from a multi-national water company.

She has recently been working with Lincoln University to formulate an accredited leadership development programme for further education colleges across the South East of England, and is now co-tutoring on this programme. Other work includes designing a competency framework for a voluntary organisation to support their performance management systems, coaching a top management team to plan and implement organisational change, facilitating action learning sets and providing one to one executive coaching.

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