Lawrence Leyton, Innovation for executives, intensive 2 hour workshop, For executives to learn how to provide innovative and creative solutions to problems and business opportunities.

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Innovation for Executives

Led by: Lawrence Leyton

To book this workshop, please
call us on +44 (0)845 257 0807
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Who should attend:

Board Level Directors


Intensive 2 hour workshop


One to One individual coaching


This is an intensive 2-hour workshop that will enable you to develop your innovation skills. It will encourage people to look at problems and opportunities from new and innovative angles. These problem-solving techniques can be applied to daily decision making in any organisation. They can also provide useful tools for project teams and anyone involved with product and service innovations.

Topics / Content:

Key learning points:
. The stages of Creative Problem Solving
. Problem Identification
. Idea Generation
. Evaluation
. Implementation
. Innovation Free-flow imagination techniques
. Association techniques for idea generation


Delegates will learn techniques to develop creativity and innovation in the work environment


£800 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Lawrence Leyton

“Highly acclaimed Business Psychologist & former top International Magician” Lawrence Leyton is a unique business motivator because he is able to utilise his skills as a magician and his knowledge as a psychologist and combine them to illustrate specific key messages in a powerful way that holds the audience’s attention and keeps them alert and engaged.

He knows how to bring the conference alive!

As an award winning magician he achieved international acclaim when he was invited to appear at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, then at the London Palladium, followed by a Royal command performance on board the QE2. He was one of an elite group of people that were invited into the Inner Magic Circle.

When he was at the top of his game, he decided that his journey was just beginning. He was passionate about psychology and human behaviour and spent the next 15 years studying all forms of psychology.

He now works closely with organisations such as the Institute of Directors, The Chartered Institute of Personal development and The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and provides personal development programmes for all levels of management to a very impressive list of clients that include Microsoft, Lucent, GlaxoSmithKlein, JPMorgan, AstraZeneca, The Prudential and AMP, to name but a few! His advice is also sought by world-class athletes in their preparation for the Olympic Games.

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