Bob Harvey, Flight of the Butterflies, Presentation skills and confidence workshop, Basic presentations skills and confidence tips and techniques for anyone who feels nervous about speaking in public.

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Flight of the Butterflies

Led by: Bob Harvey

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Who should attend:

An entertaining workshop for anyone who feels an invasion of butterflies each time they step up to the lectern or stand to address a meeting.


1 – 2 day course


Minimum 10, maximum 16 recommended.


In Flight of the Butterflies you will learn secrets of speaking in public, with useful tips on preparation, voice projection and visual aids.

Topics / Content:

The Rule of 3 Learn how any topic can be broken down into memorable sets of 3 main headings, making it easier to present and easier for the audience to remember.
• Using slides… “If you want to kill your audience – use bullets!”
How to avoid an epidemic of Death by PowerPoint
• Conversation – not Commentary
How to engage with your audience and talk at their level
• Fortress Lectern
How to raise your head above the parapet and connecting fearlessly with your audience
• Walking your Talk
How to use body language effectively and project your voice and message with conviction
• The Power of the Platform
Never underestimate the potential of your message.


To become more confident and influential presenters


Variable depending on time and location.

Trainer Background:

Bob Harvey

Bob is a freelance specialist in the field of corporate communications. He has an international reputation as a writer of commercial presentations, and frequently moderates the management conferences and live events that he designs and scripts.

Bob is a big man in every sense, and achieves a charismatic rapport with his audience. He speaks knowledgeably on his favourite subject of "The Art of Re-inventing Yourself" from a breadth of experience in his personal life.

His career stretches from dealing in antiquarian books while a student at university, to marketing shoes in the African bush, telephone canvassing for home improvements and writing advertising campaigns for garden sheds.

He owned and ran a group of gourmet restaurants, wrote his own monthly magazine feature and broadcast his own series of radio programmes.

His efforts while International Sales Director for the soft drinks company, Soda-stream, were recognised when the company received the Queen's Award for Exports.

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