Gordon McQuitty, Advanced Coaching in Business workshop, for managers and business coaches, For the business manager who wants to help his or her team to step up to outstanding performance

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Advanced Coaching in Business

Led by: Gordon McQuitty

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Who should attend:

1st and 2nd line managers and team leaders who: • Already have a firm grasp of the basics of coaching in business • Understand behavioural patterns and their importance • Know what it means to work within the coachees map of the world • Are firm believers in life long personal development • Enjoy and participate positively in highly interactive workshops


2 Day course


Minimum 4, maximum 10 recommended.


• To develop a ‘client-centred’ flexible approach to coaching based on the coachee rather than the coaches needs
• To provide a range of coaching models and approaches to enable flexibility.
• To explore ways that can help ‘unstick’ sticky situations.
• To explore ways to work with clients or coaches to help them overcome blocks to being able to move forward.

Topics / Content:

• Six Category Interventions (powerful interventions that really work)
• Well-Formed Outcomes (clarifying and validating our personal goals)
• Dumping the fear (of failure and of success!)
• Jumping barriers (how to gain that crucial momentum)
• Career anchors (is my goal congruent with my career drivers?)
• Understanding what is important (don’t sweat the small stuff!)
• Dealing with difficult conversations (managing ourselves and the client)
• Recognising intangible needs (understanding and working with the deeper decision drivers)


No matter how well we match people’s behavioural patterns, no matter how skilfully we employ coaching models such as GROW and the Skill / Will Matrix, there will inevitably be times when a person seems unable to move forward, to clarify goals or even to take the first step.
This course will provide you with the confidence to employ a range of powerful tools to support business team and individual development.


Total course fee is £3000 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Gordon McQuitty

Gordon is an executive coach and facilitator who has been running his own business, since May 2001. He has operational expertise in action learning sets, peer appraisal processes, competency frameworks, leadership capability, change management capability, team working, selling skills, feedback and listening skills, influencing skills, team development and empowerment.

Gordon spent 23 years of his career in the pharmaceutical industry with the Glaxo Group of companies, holding a number of positions including Regional Sales Manager (7 yrs), and Development Coach (6 yrs). Since setting up his own business he has worked with a number of clients including BP, Asda, CIGNA, Scottish Prison Service, GlaxoSmithKline, Takeda UK Ltd., Scottish and Newcastle PLC, Accenture, Social Services and a wide variety of management and medical groups within the NHS.

Gordon holds a B.Sc.Hons. in Physiology from St. Andrews University. He has completed a number of training and development courses from professional coaching organisations and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

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