Karen Ormistion, Introduction to Personal Branding Archetypes workshop, communication within teams and groups, Workshop dealing with communication within teams and groups which are newly formed, or are constantly changing.

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Introduction to Personal Branding Archetypes

Led by: Karen Ormiston

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Who should attend:

Everyone with client contact who has an interest in improving their communication skills. Particularly suitable for groups and newly formed teams.


Half day


Minimum 6, maximum 24 recommended.


To introduce delegates to Archetypes, a common language used in product branding to bring a brand’s personality to life, and see how they can be used to powerfully communicate individual, group, team and organisational personality.

Topics / Content:

• Using the unique Personal Branding DNA™ Archetypes model, participants identify their own archetypes to understand the dynamics of attraction and see clearly who is most naturally drawn to buy from them – and how to become irresistible to the rest.
• Working in small groups, participants next identify their corporate personality and archetypes which, when linked to their personal archetypes doubles corporate brand visibility and value.
• The group then discusses how to maximise the similarities with their corporate brand and minimise the impact of the differences.


Delegates will identify their three dominant archetypes and discover whether they’re Best Friend, Charmer, Philosophers or perhaps an Adventurer, Free Spirit, Boss! From this they will understand who is naturally drawn to working with them and how to become irresistible to the rest!


£190 + Vat per delegate.

Trainer Background:

Karen Ormiston

Karen developed an interest in marketing at an early age and spent her formative years learning her trade within the consumer sector marketing products as diverse as Ski Yogurts and Farmer’s Table Chicken to the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Information Bureau.

Moving into the business to business sector she worked with a number of leading companies including handling the PR, marketing and promotions for 11 shopping centres within the Prudential’s national retail portfolio.

She devised, edited, co-wrote and project managed the production of A Guide to Towing and Trailers for Indespension Trailers, a project which included securing the support of The Daily Mail.

Following successful interim consultancy projects at two national law firms, Karen developed a niche for marketing within professional service firms, with legal and accountancy firms a particular focus.

Within this arena Karen became fascinated by the level of responsibility that rested on individuals and teams for the successful delivery of marketing initiatives within a service led environment – often with little real support, training or buy-in. This then led to the development of a series of products and tools aimed specifically at raising the profile of the individual within the firm and securing their buy-in and commitment to the growth of the corporate brand by developing and understanding their own unique personal brand.

With her practical, no-nonsense approach, Karen is very results focused and works with high performing individuals within any industry sector who are looking to become memorable, stand out from the crowd and attract the attention they deserve. This might be internally in terms of leadership of a team or the whole organisation, when going for promotion or seeking increased responsibility. Externally the result might be raised awareness for self and firm, becoming memorable to people who can be of maximum benefit to you – such as potential clients, stakeholders and the media, an increased ability to attract the quality of work you desire and deserve.

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