Phil Thomas, Establishing the Prerequisites for Team Excellence, A strategy for team success and synergy, Workshop for new teams and groups, Workshop dealing with communication within teams and groups, which need to develop team dynamics in new teams or constantly changing teams.

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Establishing the Prerequisites for Team Excellence

Led by: Phil Thomas

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A strategy for team success and synergy

Who should attend:

• Newly formed teams, representatives of each tier and discipline from shop-floor to board • Loosely associated groups working together who wish to achieve excellence • Any organisation where the results don’t exceed the resource • Any group of people who are required to work together who aspire to excellence • YOU!


Module 1 Team Construction - Two days + one evening, Module 2 Team Real - isation - Two days +


Minimum 12, maximum 25 recommended.


To introduce those factors necessary to engender a genuine ‘Team approach’ to the task or programme. The synergy realised by a fully functioning team is a powerful tool, bringing about cultural change within any organisation and allowing the flexibility to adapt to a changing market place without losing sight of the key values that represent the organisation. Preserving the unique proposition of the company. Team creation affects every level of an organisation and requires surgical precision in implementing incremental change to bring about radical improvement. To determine the team ‘culture’ of the organisation

• To determine if the team culture is appropriate, will be recognised, and actively supported.
• To stimulate individual thought processes, dramatically enhancing team culture.
• To agree an effective working team climate and culture that allows individual members to widen their own focus, and improve their awareness of what others do.
• To review the team management ‘style’ to ensure that all opportunities are grasped confidently.
• To share an understanding of the process and needs required to build a strong and effective team, to gain a substantial level of influence.
• To establish a climate in which team members are actively supportive of their teammates.

What we are not involved in

• Discussing the structure of the organisation
• Determining if the structure is appropriate.
• Determining if the management of the organisation is efficient
• Finding fault with the organisation
• Determining individual’s failings and humiliating them in public.

Topics / Content:

• Expectation, reality and truth.
• Can you really ‘change ‘your mind
• What is a team?
• What is team culture?
• Who are your customers
• What are your criteria
• Analysis of current situation
• Identification of ‘ideals’
• Belbin’s team types – who are you?
• Current strengths /weaknesses
• Motivational factors
• Co-operation
• The laws of team culture
• Assessing your corporate culture
• Who and where is my support network
• Don’t avoid stress use it to supercharge
• Creating the environment for change
• Conflict management
• Ongoing development plan
• Specific team projects


Delegates will have a view from a different place on how to manage, and manage within, teams, to achieve excellence, and will have real-ised the confidence to work in totally new ways.
The programme will leave delegates with a will to create new methods from the inherent learnings assumed.


Total cost is £2000 + Vat per module. Short Intensive - £4500 + Vat for all modules.

Trainer Background:

Phil Thomas

A trained facilitator and excellent presenter with highly developed Inter-personal skills, who whilst achieving success through people, has a recognised technical competence, wide marketing experience, and has enjoyed considerable success in Marketing, Product Innovation/ Development, as well as Business Development, both in the UK and abroad.

Phil has worked for such Major UK companies such as Hepworth Building Products, 1984 – 97
As International Sales and Marketing Manager, Instrumental in the formation of Hepworth Plumbing as a discrete business unit This involved changing a product sector ( Plumbing ) within a traditional hierarchy to an autonomous business unit, within, and possessing, a flatter structure managed by cross-functional teams. Responsible for creating a highly successful telemarketing team (origination of idea, recruitment, training, motivation and management).Managed Specific Product sector from some £1.5 per annum to over £1 million/month.

1980 –84 Responsible for Sales, Market Development and Technical Service North Africa/Middle East; Based in Cairo

1997-2002 Delta Engineering: MD Opella Ltd. formulated a 5 year plan and Strategy to 'turn round ' a company in decline. Accepted and implemented by Delta PLC and some £ 2 million of investment granted over the subsequent 4yrs. The company subsequently sold as going concern.

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