Alex Howard, Head for Success - Practical Psychology for Reaching Your Potential, Personal Effectiveness Workshop, Understand how to increase your effectiveness and achieve your peak performance potential consistently

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Head for Success

Led by: Alex Howard

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Practical Psychology for Reaching Your Potential

Who should attend:

Anyone who wishes to maximise their performance and achieve the goals that they have set for themselves


1 Day course


Minimum 8, maximum 25 recommended.


The difference between top performers and good performers is rarely a difference in skill. It is a difference in psychology. Despite most people knowing this to be true, most of us have little practical understanding of how to truly bring out the best in ourselves and others. The purpose of this course is to show participants exactly how to design their psychology so that they consistently perform at their highest level.

Topics / Content:

In this highly interactive and very dynamic one-day workshop, participants will learn:
- What influences their psychology
- The secret of changing their beliefs to maximise their performance
- How to unleash their inner drive
- Techniques to entrain their brain into a state of optimum performance and efficiency
- The Ultimate Breakthrough (think Jackie Chan!)

The difference between this course, and others that claim to be like it, is the visionary behind it. Alex Howard spent seven years battling with a severe chronic illness, which according to the world's experts is incurable. As part of his intense searching of the fields of psychology and health, Alex was not only able to cure himself, but also discover a number of profound secrets to creating dramatic changes in human health and behaviour.

Applying these tools to his own life, Alex went on to earn a first class degree in psychology (where he graduated amongst the top 1% in the UK and was awarded the Best Student Award by the British Psychology Society), started several successful businesses (including an Integrated Medicine clinic in Harley Street and his own training college), and is currently completing work on his third book. Having achieved such high levels of success at only 24 years old, when Alex Howard talks of having a head for success, he knows what he is talking about.


The delegates will have a clearer understanding of their own latent potential and how to use the techniques from the workshop to achieve greater levels of success.


Total course fee 3250 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Alex Howard

He runs a personal development training company, and a successful therapy and coaching practise. In recent months Alex has been approached by a number of television production companies with regards to making a television series based around him and his work.

Alex's mission and greatest passion is to help people to discover the life they are truly capable of living. In "The Secrets of Creating Dramatic and Lasting Change," Alex shares not only his remarkable story of dramatic transformation, but also the secrets of how he did it. His talk is the result of the best information he has discovered in his years of intense exploration of human behaviour and change.

This exploration has included over five hundred books, several hundred audio programs, dozens of courses, and his first class degree in human psychology. Such youthful energy and passion, coupled with leading edge information and insight, are to be found nowhere else on the planet.

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