Tony Czarnecki, Introduction to Corporate Sustainable Development, Business Workshop for consistent growth, Business Workshop covering the methods and mechanisms that a business can use to achieve consistent achievable growth without the usual stops and starts.

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Corporate Sustainability - How to begin

Led by: Tony Czarnecki

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Who should attend:

Management and personnel responsible for Corporate Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental sustainability, Corporate Strategy Director, Senior Managers, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, PR, HR, Marketing staff.


1 Day course


Minimum 10, maximum 30 recommended.


The workshop teaches how to begin a coherent, gradual transition towards more sustainable business growth in economic, social and environmental areas, known as Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD). It begins with a review of various approaches in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility.

In particular, it emphasizes the difference in approaches to sustainability of longer-term company’s growth and the sustainability of world resources, as well as shows the dependencies between these two types of sustainability. This is illustrated with many examples of companies achieving such a successful transition and the application of particular sustainability scenarios for various business sectors.

key features of the workshop are integrated concepts and practical solutions that can be applied to transform erratic business performance into a sustainable growth. Another important element of the workshop will be the presentation of key principles of sustainability with a thorough explanation of the business case behind their application.

The participants will also learn how to turn CSD communications and PR into a truly customer-winning campaign, if the transition to CSD is genuine and coherent. Finally, the delegates will be able to participate in a sample short survey. It will review key aspects of a company’s current standing in fulfilling CSD criteria and comparing it with the average for other companies (individual company names will not be disclosed).

Topics / Content:

Why have these companies failed?

How have they turned a failing company into a sustainable business?

How to make sense of CSR, SRI and CSD?

The principles of a transition towards CSD

How sustainable is your company's business right now? - a comparative survey

CSD management techniques and tools

Working with your stakeholders to fulfill joint interests in a balanced way

The benefits of a coherent CSD transition

How to communicate the CSD transition to your customers to win their loyalty and increase your customer base?

How to set up a programme of CSD transition so that it pays for itself?


The delegates will become aware of the differences between various approaches to sustainability and social responsibility. They will be able to review their current strategy and on-going initiatives and assess if they generate shot-term or longer-term performance improvements.

This may lead to changes in a company’s strategy, its business direction, consolidation or elimination of some initiatives. This in turn can generate some immediate cost savings.

The participants will also learn useful managerial implementation approaches.


Total course fee £3,000 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Tony Czarnecki

Tony is the founder and Managing Partner of a management consultancy that he set up in 1994 and which specializes in Corporate Sustainable Development (CSD) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He has worked mostly in the consultancy industry for such companies as EDS, Logica or CSC Computer Sciences Corporation where he was a Director and Country Manager. He has a Master degree in Economics and is a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts and Commerce.

Tony has been a speaker at international conferences and seminars, mainly on the subject of large scale business transformation, combined with sustainable development. He was also a visiting professor at Gdansk University (2000) conducting a full-year Master degree course on the subject of Corporate Sustainable Development. In 2002, he delivered a course on a similar subject at University of London (Kingston) and previously in Moscow.

Tony’s conference speaking and lecturing experience has a very solid basis in his extensive practical consultancy work. He specialises in sustainable business transformation in banking, financial, industrial, commercial and government sectors. Tony is the author of SYMBIOSA - Balanced Company Management, an approach to managing a company’s growth in a more sustainable way. He is also the main author of Programme Management - the approach to manage large-scale complex change that he developed when working for CSC Computer Sciences (a major outsourcing company).

Tony has over 20 years experience as a management consultant, advising at the board level of large corporations. His clients in the financial sector include: Fininvest Group Milan, National Westminster Bank (now RBS), Lehman Brothers, Inkombank Moscow, Gulf Bank Kuwait and CCF Banque Paris. One of his major engagements in this sector was Abu Dhabi Investment Authority - one of the largest in the world, where Tony managed a £20m business transformation programme consisting of 12 projects. Clients in other non-financial include Thorn EMI, Gateway Foodmarkets, Centertel, European Ferries, and many others. These were usually large multi-million pound change programmes.

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