John Donnelly, Building a Superteam workshop, Leadership and motivational principles, Teams are built as much on motivation as ability. This workshop will show delegates how to combine both to achieve a highly effective team.

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Leading and Building a Superteam

Led by: John Donnelly

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Who should attend:

CEO's, directors and senior managers.


1 Day course


Minimum 10, maximum 20 recommended.


This programme creates experiences as a result of original research into stunning bosses who got the right performance from the wrong people and created unstoppable teams. The least that you will gain from this workshop will be:

How they developed their 'Natural Authority'

Ways to transform loyalty and motivation

Getting real commitment to vision and plan

By getting behind their behavious to their winning strategies, John can give you a toolkit of winning, innovative and very practical ideas.

Topics / Content:

The workshop covers:

What is a Super Team?

The SuperTeam journey and the practical steps

?Followership? ? the secret to improving your natural authority?

The route to improving the loyalty, motivation and commitment of the whole team

Why ?fairness? can damage your wealth

A brilliant technique for the newly promoted

The tool for those who are hard to to convince

Delegation ? safely and without risk?

The secret behind those who ?got the right performance from the wrong staff??

Why conventional delegation rules are wrong

How not to get sucked into the detail

Recruitment ? the secrets of the intuitively brilliant recruiters

How to make sure that new recruiters don?t spoil a Super Team.

The whole team understands and operates the organisations? values?

The whole team understands the organisational plan and their role in making it happen.

Why Mission Statements are never enough to ensure that the whole team value, like and understand each other ?.in a way that will banish squabbling and ?politic-ing?

Meetings that are constructive, powerful - and short?

The Meeting Agenda of the Super Teams

Making sure that good change sticks ? and bad habits don?t?

How the very best leaders and teams have a positive approach to change and improvement ?the role of ?wordbites?.

Everybody is committed to the Super Team journey.


Total course fee is 3500 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

John Donnelly

John is an inspirational presenter, author, mastermind, guru: these are some of the words used to describe the man who has spent many years scrutinising the very best leaders, managers, teams, sales and marketing people in the UK.

'Intuitive Modelling' is the area of his work that John is most enthusiastic about. "At last we can start to identify the winning thinking strategies of the very best people and how they make great business and personal decisions." In the last four years John's Intuitive Modelling research has covered: -

. Leading & Building a Super Team, how to create the magic

Thirty five stunning bosses who got the right performance from the wrong people and.

How they developed their 'natural authority'

Ways to transform loyalty and motivation

Getting real commitment to vision and plans

. Big Little Leaders - stunning performance from leaders who were getting the right performance from the wrong staff, made great intuitive decisions and coped with an overwhelming task list.

. The Sales Wizards, why and how they always win.

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