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3D Customer Dynamics

Led by: Steve Hacking

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Increase your marketing effectiveness

Who should attend:

Anyone responsible for marketing strategy in consumer-facing organisations


Half day introduction module. Option to follow this with analysis and workshop, bespoke for your org


Minimum 2, maximum 10 recommended.


Introduce a way of increasing marketing effectiveness using leading edge techniques from the consumer goods sector.

Topics / Content:

3D Customer Dynamics helps to answer two big questions:

What can you do to win over your occasional or low volume users to turn them into loyal and high usage users?

What part of your marketing and communications spend is really getting you the results?

The workshop explores the idea that it is insufficient to understand customers' socio-demographics, life stage, life style, brand and category perceptions. The module shows that to influence a consumer you need to understand how their behaviour changes in different situations. There are times of the day, times of year and environments when the target consumer is going to be more receptive to different products and services.

The approach builds on the idea that there are significant differences between new/occasional/loyal customers and low/medium/high volume users and that what is needed with each group to increase sales can be quite different. Steve explains how to develop a time and location based segmentation that provides insight on how to get all types of customer to buy or use more.

Throughout the course, Steve uses a case study that looks at how this approach helped one of the world’s most successful brands increase sales above base forecast in mature markets. He also discusses how this approach could be applied in your organisation and what it needs to succeed.


The course is an introduction to this technique – more support would probably be needed if the participants wanted to put it into practice in their organisation.


Total course cost: £1,500 + Vat.

Trainer Background:

Steve Hacking

Steve Hacking developed the “What makes a market leader?” framework in 2003, based on two years of research into what makes organisations successful. It is espoused by long term success stories such as TNT, and more modern ones such as Metro and Innocent. The framework is not high-minded, but is meaningful, practical and has helped many organisations become successful.

Steve speaks, leads discussion groups and runs workshops based around the framework. He has addressed audiences of business leaders and run successful programmes of work for a wide range of companies.

Steve has spent 12 years working with business leaders on market related strategy, including time as founding director of Magellan Ltd and on the management team of the Kalchas Group (both successful strategy firms).

Steve is an engineer by training, with an MA from Cambridge, an MSC from Imperial College and an MBA from Insead. He is currently writing a book and an article to be published by the London Business School on the subject of “What makes a market leader?”.

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